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  Bernese Mountain Dog Clubhouse
(Bernese Mountain Dog )
Berner LOVE knows NO bounds!!!
Dedicated to the care and love of berners!!!! Hastings, Michigan, United States  185 join
  Bernese Lovers Group
(Bernese Mountain Dog )
For Bernese Lovers
This grioup is for people who love Bernese Mountain Dogs!   135 join
  Bernese mountain dogs
(Bernese Mountain Dog )
Hi!Join us!
for all bernese mountain dog lovers Kraljevo, Yugoslavia  35 join
  Berners United (Kingdom, that is)
(Bernese Mountain Dog )
UN, UK, USA?- It's okay!
Berners? What? You know, Bernese Mountain Dogs- you know you wanna!... [more]   28 join
  bernese mountain dog all the way!
(Bernese Mountain Dog )
Big and Beautiful!
Welcome to all bernese mountain dog lovers!   15 Invite Only
  BMD!!!!!! Berennese mountain dog crew
(Bernese Mountain Dog)
Every BMD welcome
for berameese Mountain dogs Simsury, Connecticut, United States  11 join
  ~Cool and wonderful Bernese doggies~
(Bernese Mountain Dog)
love your berner!
Bernese dogs are wonderful Rescue, Ca, California, United States  8 join

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