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  Bassets Drool
(Basset Hound )
For all those droolers out there   665 join
  ♥Basset Hounds Rock♥
(Basset Hound)
Short dogs rule!
All Basset Hounds and Basset Hound mixes welcome!   362 join
  Basset Babies
(Basset Hound )
Friendly Bassets Welcome
If you are owned by a Basset Hound this is the... [more]   297 join
  Basset Hounds of the dailydrool
(Basset Hound)
drools and aroooos!
For basset hounds and foodslaves that are a part of the... [more]  168 join
  Basset Hounds United
(Basset Hound)
A Basset is for Life
A Place for Basset Hounds and Basset mixes to Learn, Share,... [more]   131 join
  basset mania
(Basset Hound )
Bassets, our loving furkids
This group was created for the love of basset hounds. From... [more] Clanton, Alabama, United States  129 Invite Only
  Basset Hounds
(Basset Hound)
Basset Hounds are good Hounds.
Basset Hounds only!   124 join
  Basset Town
(Basset Hound )
Once a Basset always a Basset
If you love your Basset Hound then this is tha group... [more] House, Texas, United States  85 join
  Bassets who drool rule
(Basset Hound )
This is a group dedicated to bassets
This is a group dedicated to bassets Arizona, United States  84 join
  Furends of House of Puddles
(Basset Hound)
Saving senior bassets, one by one
For friends and furends of House of Puddles senior basset sanctuary!... [more]   69 join
  Basset Hound love
(Basset Hound)
all basset hound lovers and basset hound loves Mechanicsville, Maryland, United States  64 join
  Furends of George & Bob
(Basset Hound )
Were droolers
Basset Hounds who are furends of George E Grunt & Bob... [more]   44 Invite Only
  Fred, Flash, & Basset Friends
(Basset Hound)
People who love those famous Bassets.
Smokey & the Bandit and Dukes of Hazzard Fanatics   43 join
  Army Dogs!
(Basset Hound)
AWC Pets!
We started this from Army Wife Chat, but anyone is welcome!... [more] Texas, United States  40 join
  Basset Hounds of America
(Basset Hound)
Any place a Basset is, is home!
Any Basset hound that is loved. Columbia Falls, Montana, United States  36 join
  Washington Basset Hounds
(Basset Hound)
Washington Bassets are the best!!
If you are a Basset Hound from Washington State Come... [more] Washington, United States  35 join
  are you a basset hound???well,wat u waiten 4 meet ur own breed!!!
(Basset Hound)
  Bassets Hounds Abound
(Basset Hound)
floppy ears and waggin tails
Basssets Abound is the place to go to meet other Basset... [more] United States  33 join
  Minnesota Bassets
(Basset Hound)
MN Hounds Sniffin' Out Some Fun!
Welcome! Share your stories, ask questions and make some Basset-Loving friends... [more] Ramsey, Minnesota, United States  32 join
  Roma's Elite Droolers!
(Basset Hound )
Droolers Anonymous!
This is for all you droolers out there! Welcome Carolina, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico  32 join
  united basset hounds
(Basset Hound)
bassets united
if u love bassets or have a basset than join this... [more] Indianapolis, Indiana, United States  29 join
  Tri State Bassets
(Basset Hound)
All Low Slung Doggies Unite
For Bassts in the NJ, NY and Pa area New Jersey, United States  27 join
  Basset Hounds for Me
(Basset Hound)
Bassets forever
For anyone who loves these goofy hounds. Bradenton, Florida, United States  24 join
  Basset talk
(Basset Hound )
Just hounding around
Arooooooh to you   22 Invite Only
  Louisiana-Mississippi Basset Hounds
(Basset Hound )
Fun, Events, Infomation, Rescue,
Bassets and their Siblings living in SE Louisiana & SW.... [more]   20 join
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