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  Basenji Bratz
We're Basenjis with an Edge
Where Basenjis can meet and play and have Yodels of Fun!... [more] All Around The World, United States  402 join
  Basenji's Rock
All Prue Breed Basenji's
All Basenji's Saint Louis, Missouri, United States  239 join
  Living with Fanconi Syndrome
Strip test for LIFE!!
Support, information, encouragement for living with Fanconi Syndrome Pennsylvania, United States  101 join
  Basenji Dogs
(Basenji )
Basenjis Rock
for Basenji Dogs   101 join
  Senji Love
Love is in the air!
If you are a Basenji or Basenji mix, request an invite... [more]   55 Invite Only
  Winnies' BasenjiCamp
If you are a basenji lover, owner, or soon-to-be-owner come here!... [more]   32 join
  Dogster Basenji Group
Basenjis are the BEST!
A group for basenji purebred and mix owners (other dogs in... [more]   31 Invite Only
  B-Boy Mafia
(Basenji )
What you didn't see me do, didn't happen
Forum for fellow B-Boys and molls to share and/or organize the... [more]   30 Invite Only
  Basenji Social
You see em we chase em!
This is a group of Basenji lovers whom meet up for... [more] Ma And Ct, Massachusetts, United States  23 join
  B-Bad Girls
(Basenji )
This ain't no tea party...
this is a club for serious Basenji girls!   20 join
  Basenji(s) in Tennessee
(Basenji )
Our loveable African handfuls
Basenji's unleashed Knoxville, Tennessee, United States  15 join
  Basenji Lovers
We love Basenjis
Lovers of the great Egyptian dog   6 Invite Only

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