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  Carolina Dogs and Friends
(Carolina Dog)
Come out from under the porch!
The group for Ol' Yeller Dogs and their admirers   135 join
  Carolina and Other Indigenous breeds found in the Southeast: GA, SC, NC, Al, TN, FL,MS
(Carolina Dog)
CD/AD dogs in the Southeast
The purpose of this group is to locate other CD/AD dog... [more] Southeastern Us: Ga, Al, Tn, S, Georgia, United States  27 join
  Carolina Dogs
(Carolina Dog)
happy tails
Interest in breeding carolina dogs Westchester County, New York, United States  2 join
  Males and females
(Carolina Dog)
This is for males and females
Hey Males and females out there come here Riverside, California, United States  2 join
  Dogs that love to play with cats
(Carolina Dog)
Who says dogs don't like cats...
For all those crazy dogs that love their kitty brothers and... [more] Pennsylvania, United States  1 Invite Only

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