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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  Toy Poodles
(Toy Poodle)
The Little Poodle People
For lovers and owners of toy poodles   376 join
  Poodleville University
(Toy Poodle)
A unique place to come and brag about your smart, cute,and... [more] Connecticut, United States  304 join
(Toy Poodle)
Here, Poodles are the Star on Dogster!
SuperStar Poodles who are Spoiled and Pampered. We Welcome all three... [more] Hollywood, California, United States  233 join
  Poodle Pals
(Toy Poodle)
Poodles rule
Poodles rock   110 join
(Toy Poodle)
we like to keep it sassy and classy!
fabulous pretty little poodles California, United States  102 join
(Toy Poodle)
leave no one behind
all of us are cute   82 join
(Toy Poodle)
All poodles
Oodles of Poodles! Brandenburg, Kentucky, United States  82 join
  Toy Poodle lovers
(Toy Poodle)
Luv the toy poodles
Toy poodle lovers only   81 join
  Poodle Party
(Toy Poodle)
Welcome to Poodle Party!!!!
For all toy poodles   79 join
  Peace Paws
(Toy Poodle)
How Are YOU Green?
Who is the Furst Peace Paw of the Week? Starts this... [more] United States  58 join
  Who let the poodles out??? (Bark, Bark)
(Toy Poodle)
Where dogs have a say in everything...
Where dogs rock my world Brisbane, New York, Australia  26 join
  Poodles Rock
(Toy Poodle)
Poodles rock!!!!
this group is for all poodles big and small!!! Michigan, United States  25 join
  Poodle Palace
(Toy Poodle)
prince, princess, queen and kings
a place for royalty poodles Burbank, California, United States  23 join
(Toy Poodle)
FoR tHoSe WhO hAs PoOdLe doGs.. JoIn JoIn.. CoMe AnD JoIn..... [more] Doggylicious, Indonesia  20 join
  The Poofy Poodles
(Toy Poodle)
A group for all those dog lovers
Where the poodles are in charge Brisbane, New York, Australia  19 join
  South Bay Dogs Rocks
(Toy Poodle)
Dedicated to South Bay Dogs
Hello there and 'Welcome to South Bay Dogs Rocks'. San Jose, California, United States  19 join
  Cookies cutie's
(Toy Poodle)
cute people & dogs stay here! Duuhhhh... Manila, Philippines  19 join
  The Poodle Parade!
(Toy Poodle)
This is a group for all poodle (aka the best breed... [more]   13 join
  King & Queen of the Yard
(Toy Poodle)
so cool
welcome California, United States  12 Invite Only
  Spoiled Toy Poodles
(Toy Poodle)
"My toy poodle is not spoiled... their are just well trained"... [more] United States  10 join
  dressey poodle
(Toy Poodle)
put your bets duds on and join
more than one is alot of fun! Wirtz, Virginia, United States  5 Invite Only
(Toy Poodle)
ALL POODLES WANTED Lb, La & Anywhere Else, California, United States  5 Invite Only
  Toy Poodles Parentage
(Toy Poodle)
Toy Poodle Parentage
Background Information of the Toy Poodle   4 join
(Toy Poodle)
24/7 Fun & Games to play.
Jash Pawtucket, Rhode Island, United States  3 join
  Dallas Poodle Lovers
(Toy Poodle)
Everything is bigger in Texas
Here are all the poodles that live in dallas! Dallas, Texas, United States  1 join
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