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  Poodle Power
(Miniature Poodle)
Pretty as a poodle.
Poodle owners and those that adore them.   288 join
  Miniature Poodle Friends
(Miniature Poodle)
Mini Poodles
This is a group for purebred Mini Poodle owners to get... [more] United States  159 join
  poodles please
(Miniature Poodle)
poodles are people to!!!!
poodles have no groups we are the only ones......   120 join
(Miniature Poodle)
Schnoodle Club
Schnoodle club Brooklyn, New York, United States  117 join
  Poodle's R Us
(Miniature Poodle)
Poodle's = LOVE
A group for poodle's!   40 join
  Poodle Mania
(Miniature Poodle)
Give Each Other Some Poodle Lovin!
September Woofday Pawty fur all September Woofday Pups! So Far It's... [more] California, United States  26 join
  Bay Area Poodle Mix Club
(Miniature Poodle)
Wonderful curly haired fluffballs
To meet and see many poodle mixes San Francisco, California, United States  20 join
  mix it up poodle style
(Miniature Poodle)
the group for poodle mixes
odople   15 join
  Key to the best shopping sprees, and maincures!
(Miniature Poodle)
The dogs that only want to be pampered!
for dogs who would like to learn how to pamper themselves... [more] Nahant, Massachusetts, United States  14 join
  Just call me "Mr. Enterpreneur!"
(Miniature Poodle)
I am confused
I am a registered miniture poodle but people think I am... [more] Coachella Valley/palm Desert, California, United States  5 join
  Poodle Pal
(Miniature Poodle)
Poodle Pal
All owners of Poodle Quezon City, Philippines  5 join

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