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  ~Shih Tzus and Friends United~
(Shih Tzu)
Shih Tzus & Friends UNITED!
Hello and welcome to STAFU A.K.A. Shih Tzus & Friends United!... [more] All Over The World!!  2806 join
  The shih tzu place
(Shih Tzu )
For the love of shih tzus
This is a group for all shih tzu lovers.   610 join
  "Sweet Shih Tzu's!"
(Shih Tzu )
"Little Bodies BIG Hearts!"
"Only the best of the best, have Shih Tzu's!" United States  401 join
  Shih Tzus are THE BEST!
(Shih Tzu )
Love your Shih Tzu
Shih tzus are awesome dogs to have. They are sweet, gorgeous... [more]   361 join
  Shih Tzu's Rock!
(Shih Tzu )
Your wrapped around our little paws!
For all Shih Tzu's, their families, and Shih Tzu lovers! Selden, New York, United States  252 join
  !!!!shih tzu's rull!!!!!
(Shih Tzu)
fun!!! aneone that loves or ones shihtzu
hi welcome to shih tzu's rule!!! Michigan, United States  162 join
  We Love Our Shih Tzus!
(Shih Tzu )
Shih tzu?
Shih tzus are lovable, playful, cute, funny little breeds of dogs!... [more] "shih Tzu World", New York, United States  152 join
  Palace of Shih Tzu
(Shih Tzu )
It's All About Shih Tzus
Welcome to the Shih Tzu Group   149 Invite Only
  Puppy Luv
(Shih Tzu )
cutie shih tzu barkada
shih tzu tambayan in the Philippines Philippines  132 join
  Shih Tzu Cutie Pies
(Shih Tzu )
shih tzu, pups, mixes, breeds
Where owners of Shih Tzu's or Shih Tzu Mixes to come... [more] Crankyville, Ontario, Canada  102 join
  shihzus rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Shih Tzu )
dogs love this
come join Fort Walton Beach, Florida, United States  79 join
  Shih-Tzu's Of Canada
(Shih Tzu )
Pure Breed
Who You Callin Small ,grrrrrr Mississauga, Ontario, Canada  71 join
  New York City Shih Tzu Meetup Group!!
(Shih Tzu )
Holy Shih-Tzu!!
Monthly Playdates for Shih Tzus!!! New York, New York, United States  69 join
  Shih Tzu Club
(Shih Tzu )
Shih Tzu, mix Shih Tzu
Welcome all Shih Tzu, show off ur baby over there Singapore  68 join
  Texas Shih Tzu
(Shih Tzu )
Welcome all Texas Shih Tzu's
Texas Shih Tzu Families Texas, United States  67 join
  lovable shih tzu philippines
(Shih Tzu)
ang ganda ko!!!!
pretty shih's Quezon City, Philippines  67 join
  Shih Tzu
(Shih Tzu )
Where the Shih hits the fan!
Adult owners of Shih Tzu United States  65 join
  California Shih Tzus
(Shih Tzu)
We wuff Shih Tzus!
California Shih Tzus and the ones that Love them :) California, United States  63 join
  Shih Tzu-Ownerz
(Shih Tzu)
Ello Peoples
Shih Tzu Power   61 join
  Shih Tzu's Rule!
(Shih Tzu)
Shih Tzu's: Come and see us!
Shih tzu's and much more!   58 join
  Valley of the Sun Shih Tzus and Friends
(Shih Tzu )
Phoenix Metro Shih Tzus and Friends
This is for Shih Tzus and Friends from the Phoenix Metro... [more] Arizona, United States  50 join
  Shih poo
(Shih Tzu)
wagging all the time!
Shih poo doggies Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States  50 join
  Philippine Shih Tzus
(Shih Tzu)
"Oooh cute!"
WElCome all SHiH tZus Baguio, Philippines  42 join
  Shih Tzu Lovers
(Shih Tzu)
Come and join
A group where shih tzu lover meet.   42 join
  Houston Shih Tzu
(Shih Tzu )
Owners Of Shih Tzu
Welcome all Shih Tzu Mom's & Dad's! Houston, Texas, United States  42 join
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