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  Rhodesian Ridgeback Lovers
(Rhodesian Ridgeback )
African Sofa Hound owners unite!
For anyone who is "owned" by a Rhodie!   335 join
  ~Rhodesian Ridgebacks Unite!~
(Rhodesian Ridgeback)
Ridgebacks Rule!
All you Ridgebacks come and join the fun!!   31 join
  Rusty's Terrible Group
(Rhodesian Ridgeback )
Rusty's Terrible Group TagLine Required
Rusty's Terrible Description Mars Or Some Other Homebase, Virginia, United States  29 join
  Rhodesian Ridgebacks
(Rhodesian Ridgeback)
Lion Hunters
Ridgebacks, Slickbacks, all are welcome! Friendswood, Texas, United States  22 join
  the old ridgies
(Rhodesian Ridgeback )
the old lion breed
the old style ridgebacks Geraldton, Australia  15 join
  ridgeback conversatioons
(Rhodesian Ridgeback)
talk about your ridgeback
ridgeback families discussing their unusual behaviors Connecticut, United States  13 join
  Houston Ridebacks
(Rhodesian Ridgeback )
Calling all Ridgies!!
Rhodesian Ridgebacks in the Houston Area Houston, Texas, United States  10 join
  Rhodesian Ridgeback Lovers Australia
(Rhodesian Ridgeback)
ridgey lovers
For lovers of this majestic breed Gold Coast Qld, Australia  5 join
  mischievous mutts!!!
(Rhodesian Ridgeback)
mischievous mutts come here to play!!!!!
share storys on what your mischievous mutt does. Charlottesville, Virginia, United States  5 Invite Only
  Cat's and dogs can have relationships too, and they meet here!
(Rhodesian Ridgeback)
cats and dogs together
this is a group where cats and dogs can talk too... [more] Charlottesville, Virginia, United States  5 Invite Only
  Cute Dogs
(Rhodesian Ridgeback)
Everydog is different but theyr all cute
This is a group for people with rhodesian ridgebacks.   2 join
  Rhodesian Ridgebacks Dallas TX
(Rhodesian Ridgeback)
Ridgebacks who want to have fun
Ridge and Ridgeless out to have fun Dallas, Texas, United States  2 join
  Rhodesian Ridgeback Fans
(Rhodesian Ridgeback)
We love Rhodesian Ridgebacks!
Rhodesian Ridgebacks Rule! Sacramento, California, United States  1 join

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