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  PWD's Rule!
(Portuguese Water Dog )
Yea for Porties!
For folks who love only the BEST breed in the dog-gone... [more] Northern California  93 join
  Portuguise Water Dogs Group
(Portuguese Water Dog)
CALLING ALL PORTUGUISE WATER DOGS! Reinholds, Pennsylvania, United States  17 join
  new jersey and new york portuguese water dogs
(Portuguese Water Dog)
i never met a portie i didn't like
all curlies ,wavies and whirlies welcome! New York City, New York, United States  12 join
  Bias for Porties
(Portuguese Water Dog)
PWDS, Humans, and Cuddling!
For those that love Portuguese Water Dogs almost TOO much. United States  10 join
  Portuguese Water Dog
(Portuguese Water Dog)
Portuguese Water Dog Indiana, United States  4 Invite Only
  South Coast PWDs
(Portuguese Water Dog )
Porties in Paradise
Portuguese Water Dogs living on the South Coast of California California, United States  2 join

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