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  ♥♥♥ CLUB CORGI ♥♥♥
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
share and brag, corgi style
where corgis love to gather San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States  1610 join
  Just Us Corgis!
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi )
Let me hear you AARROO!!
All Corgis...with or without a tail. Pittsburgh (irwin), Pennsylvania, United States  253 join
  ♥♥♥ Fluffy Corgis Unite! ♥♥♥
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
Got Fluff?
For the love of not just corgis, but the beautiful... [more] San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States  197 join
  West Coast Corgis
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi )
Legs are short and the waters high!
Woof! Come have fun with all the West Coast Corgis! California, United States  118 join
  Pembroke Corigs Forever
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi )
Big hearts, no tails!
they are: little cattle dogs, big hearts, no tails, brave souls.... [more]   80 join
  new england corgis
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
Corgi butts, clam chowdah and lobster!
Corgis in the northeastern US, unite!! Lakeville, Massachusetts, United States  75 join
  FRAP 'n Yap
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi )
The virtual FRAP zone
The spot for Corgis to hang and do what Corgis do... [more]   65 join
  NYC Corgis
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
Corgis of New York City Unite!
For any and all corgis who try to herd the constant... [more] Prospect Park, New York, United States  59 join
  Pennsylvania Corgis
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi )
For the love of Corgis
Every thing corgi Franklin, Pennsylvania, United States  58 join
  Texas Corgis
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
Any kind of Corgis in the Texas area
Just a group for any type of corgi that lives in... [more] Texas, United States  48 join
  corgi lovers
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
we love corgis
welcome to corgi lovers Cincinnati, Ohio, United States  44 join
  corgis in Va
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi )
corgi's in Va
corgis that live in Virginia Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States  40 join
  Illinois Corgis
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi )
Illinois Corgis RULE!
A group for Corgis in Illinois to meet and greet! Illinois, United States  35 join
  Houston, TX Corgis - Pembroke & Cardigan welcome! :)
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
Houston, TX Corgis - Pembroke & Cardigan
A place for all the Corgis in the Houston area to... [more] Houston, Texas, United States  25 join
  Quarter Horses and Corgis!
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi )
Two different animals, the same within
This is about any type of horse or dog!   20 join
  Corgis of North Carolina
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
Nubs and Tails Unite
Making Friends in North Carolina Hillsborough, North Carolina, United States  19 join
  Oklahoma Pembrokes!
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
Sooners or Cowboys, We Welcome All!
A group for Pembrokes and their owners in the great state... [more] Oklahoma, United States  18 join
  Corgi Castravagenza
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
Corgi's are Too Cool to be True!
A Corgi Paradise Paden City, West Virginia, United States  18 Invite Only
  Indiana Corgis!
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
We start with COR and end with GI!
Pembroke and Cardigan Corgis from Indiana Indiana, United States  18 join
  Corgi Mania
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
Rock on Corgis, Rock on.
If you own a pure blood Corgi, or a mutt, or... [more] United States  15 Invite Only
  The BEST MIDWEST Corgis!
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
Midwest Corgis come on!
Let all the corgis from the Midwest come together and FRAP... [more] Minneapols, Minnesota, United States  14 join
  ♥ Arkansas Corgi's ♥.
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
Pembroke, Cardigan and Mixed welcome!
Arkansas Loves Corgi's! Arkansas, United States  13 join
  Arizona Corgis
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
Big ears, little legs
Any and all corgis from Arizona! Phoenix, Arizona, United States  12 join
  Las Vegas Corgis!
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
No tail? no problem!
Calling all corgis from in and near Las Vegas! Las Vegas, Nevada, United States  12 join
  Corgi Minnesota
(Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
Corgi owners in Twin Cites and Greater M
Welcome to Corgi Minnesota, a group for Corgi owners in Twin... [more] Minnesota, United States  9 join
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