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  Papillon Pals
(Papillon (and Phalene) )
Papillon Devotees
A forum for Papillon lovers to share stories and exchange tips... [more]   550 join
  Perky Papillons and Phalenes
(Papillon (and Phalene) )
Ears to you!
Papillon and Phalene owners are all welcomed here San Diego, California, United States  157 join
  ~~positivly peppy pappillions~~
(Papillon (and Phalene) )
papillions forever dude *peace sign*
papillions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   89 join
  Beautiful Butterflys
(Papillon (and Phalene) )
Fly Away
Welcome Papillons!   74 join
  ♥Poms and Poos♥
(Papillon (and Phalene))
Balls of Fluff!
All Pomeranian or Poodles are welcome! Are you a Pineranian, a... [more]   61 join
  papillon owners
(Papillon (and Phalene))
Happy pappy
owners of papillons Connecticut, United States  45 join
  ~*Playful Pap Pals*~
(Papillon (and Phalene))
Playful Papillons, Perfect Pet
Papillon Fan Club!!!   42 join
  papillons welcome here
(Papillon (and Phalene))
hey everyone stop by and talk with me lol Maryland Fredrick, Nevada, United States  41 join
  Papillon U.S.A.
(Papillon (and Phalene))
Butterflies of RED WHITE AND BLUE
Spred your wings, butterfly dogs, We've got some work to... [more] Pioneer Dog Park, Kentucky, United States  24 Invite Only
  So. Cal Papillons
(Papillon (and Phalene))
Butterflies Rule
All Paps located in Southern California welcome Thousand Oaks, California, United States  21 join
(Papillon (and Phalene))
  Papillons in Colorado
(Papillon (and Phalene))
Papillons in Colorado
This is for all the paps in Colorado! Denver, Colorado, United States  17 join
  Pretty Butterfly Dogs
(Papillon (and Phalene))
Pretty Pappys!
If you own a butterfly dog, or are a butterfly dog,... [more] United States  17 join
  North East Papillons
(Papillon (and Phalene))
The Papillons of the Eastern side
A group for all Papillons (and Phalenes) and their families with... [more] Coventry, Rhode Island, United States  17 join
  Little Monsters!
(Papillon (and Phalene))
We Rule everything! We are monsters!
this is for all the small lap dogs & big... [more] Augusta, Georgia, United States  16 join
  Mcminnville Oregon Doggies
(Papillon (and Phalene))
Dogs in and around Yamhill county
Mac Dogz Mcminnville, Oregon, United States  16 join
  The Papillons
(Papillon (and Phalene))
The Joy Of Papillons   15 Invite Only
  Virginia Papillon owners
(Papillon (and Phalene))
Training tips
Virginia Papillon Owners Unite Abingdon, Virginia, United States  12 join
  Relaxed Papillons
(Papillon (and Phalene))
For the more relaxed breed.
Not so perky, but just as lovable papillons. Louisiana, United States  11 join
  Delaware Papillons
(Papillon (and Phalene) )
le woof!
For Papillons who live in Delaware Dover, Delaware, United States  11 join
  **P&D Fun Papillions**
(Papillon (and Phalene))
Hey this is for all paps... [more]   5 join
  papillon puppies group
(Papillon (and Phalene))
nice and fun and cute little dogs puppys
all papillon puppies and dogs welcome   3 Invite Only
  papillion pals
(Papillon (and Phalene) )
for us papillions
for all papillions Atlanta, Georgia, Georgia, United States  3 Invite Only

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