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  Old English FurryFriends
(Old English Sheepdog )
Old English sheepdogs are furryFriends
SheepyDog woofs Pawtucket, Rhode Island, United States  83 join
  ~ U gotta ♡ Old English Sheepdogs!~
(Old English Sheepdog )
Our group's memberz have 2 be old english sheepdogs.   50 join
  Old English Sheepdogs
(Old English Sheepdog )
A place for bobtail owners to come chat!
All about wiggle-butts and their antics!   43 join
  Old English Sheepdogs of California
(Old English Sheepdog )
Sheepies in Cali
A group for the OES's living the good life in Cali... [more] California, California, United States  25 join
  Old English Sheepdog Friends
(Old English Sheepdog )
Where Old English Sheepdog lovers mingle
An OES meeting, greeting, and discussion group   12 join

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