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  For The Love of Schnauzers
(Miniature Schnauzer)
Come, stay, and relax!
"The best thing about a man is his dog." -French Proverb... [more]   1881 join
  Schnauzers Rule
(Miniature Schnauzer)
Welcome all Schnauzers
We are cute, we are smart, we are Schnauzers   1835 Invite Only
  Mini Schnauzer's Rock!!!
(Miniature Schnauzer )
No love like Schnauzer love!
Hi welcome if you are a lover of Mini Schnauzers   664 join
  The Purebreed Miniature Schnauzer Group
(Miniature Schnauzer )
We're just a bunch of wiggle butts!
Hey, this group is for Minis! If your a fun loving... [more]   182 join
  Mini Schnauzer Lovers!!!
(Miniature Schnauzer)
We love all breeds of dogs!
Have fun in my group!Meet pals and we have treats its... [more] Mount Dora, Florida, United States  148 join
  White Mini Schnauzers!
(Miniature Schnauzer )
Cuties in white!
Group for white miniature schnauzers...we might not be accepted into the... [more]   132 join
  For the love of mini schnauzers
(Miniature Schnauzer )
Schnauzers are people's best friend
Welcome to dog lovers Sebastian, Florida, United States  123 join
(Miniature Schnauzer)
Hearts Full of Love For Schnauzers
For anyone who believes that their little schnauzer is more human... [more] California, United States  119 join
  DFW Schnauzers
(Miniature Schnauzer)
Greetings From The Dallas-Ft.Worth Area!
Lone Star State Schnauzers Dallas, Texas, United States  95 join
  Calling All Minature Schnauzers!!
(Miniature Schnauzer )
Come All Minuture Schnauzers!!!!
Only 4 Minuature Schnauzers!!!!! Any Of The 3, Florida, United States  86 join
  Mini Schnauzer Mania
(Miniature Schnauzer)
Gotta Love Them Minis!
Adorable, Loveable, & Stubborn... Wouldn't Have it Any Other Way!   75 join
  Miniature Schnauzers
(Miniature Schnauzer )
*~~* puppy Love*~~*
If you love miniature schnauzers as much as me.... click it... [more]   73 join
  Bugy4 Schnauzers
(Miniature Schnauzer )
Schnauzers are pampared pets here
anybody bugy 4 scnhauzers are welcome here.   66 join
  Jeepers the dog's dog blog
(Miniature Schnauzer)
animals-dogs ,cats
happy time and true stoires Dallas,tx, Texas, United States  62 join
  minature schnauzers
(Miniature Schnauzer )
schnauzers rule!!
Schnauzer power! Sebastian, Florida, United States  62 join
  *~~*The RICH&FABOULOUS*~~*
(Miniature Schnauzer )
Is your dog spoiled? Mine is!
This is for the RICH,FABOULOUS,and SPOILED OnLy United States  54 join
  Schnauzer Health
(Miniature Schnauzer)
Keep your Schnauzer Healthy Yelm, Washington, United States  53 join
  All about Schnauzers...
(Miniature Schnauzer )
Adorable Schnauzers (all sizes)..
Schnauzers Chicago, Illinois, United States  49 join
  Schnauzers of the Carolinas
(Miniature Schnauzer )
So our dogs can play!
Carolina Schnauzer Meet-up Rock Hill / Charlotte, South Carolina, United States  48 join
  Angels unleashed
(Miniature Schnauzer )
Schnauzers are Angels
This group is for people with schnauzers so we can talk... [more] Sebastian, Florida, United States  46 join
(Miniature Schnauzer )
schnauzer La/oc, California, United States  46 join
  mr.jeepers-benny's and teddy hangout place
(Miniature Schnauzer)
things to do
fun and great time and things to do Dallas, Texas, United States  43 join
  Mini Schnauzers of the Great White North
(Miniature Schnauzer )
Canadian Miniature Schnauzers
A group for Canadian Miniature Schnauzers Canada  37 join
  California Schnauzers
(Miniature Schnauzer )
Come and see the California sun
Stuck-up and spoiled, thats us!!!! California, United States  37 join
  Mini Schnauzers Rock!!!
(Miniature Schnauzer)
Midwestern/Minnesotan Mini Schnauzers
For the Mini Schauzers of the Midwest St. Paul, Minnesota, United States  33 join
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