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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  Miniature Pinschers
(Miniature Pinscher )
4 Min Pins Everywhere ***Welcome!***
Calling ALL Min Pins! :)   577 join
  Min Pin Manchester Mania
(Miniature Pinscher)
Min Pin Manchester And Min Man Mixes!
For Min Pins or Manchesters or Min Pin or Manchester mixes.... [more]   484 Invite Only
  Min Pin Mommies!
(Miniature Pinscher )
King ( or queen) of the Toys
This group is for mommies of the most crazy loveable dogs-Min... [more] Candler, North Carolina, United States  241 join
  Miniature Pinscher
(Miniature Pinscher )
We are Small but Big.
For us Mini-Pin lovers all over the world.   235 join
  Min Pins Rock!!!
(Miniature Pinscher )
A big dog inside a little dogs body
A place for Miniature Pinschers to Mingle!!! United States  169 join
  Miniature Pinschers of California!
(Miniature Pinscher )
MinPins of Cali unite!!
MinPins of Cali unite!!! This is a place to make new... [more] California, United States  158 join
  East Coast Min Pins
(Miniature Pinscher )
East Coast
Min Pins Jax, North Carolina, United States  157 join
  !!!#*!!!min pins galore!!!!#*!!! (and min pin look-a-likes)!
(Miniature Pinscher )
talk about every thing1!!!
4 any min pin, and any min pin lookalike!!   126 join
  Miniature Pinscher 4ever!!
(Miniature Pinscher )
Min Pin's Rule d World!!
Purebred or mix breed MinPin's are welcomed!!   117 join
(Miniature Pinscher )
woof woof!
welcome to our group of minpins Fort Walton Beach, Florida, United States  88 join
  ~Miniature Pinschers~
(Miniature Pinscher )
A place for Min Pins!
Where all Min Pins come together. : )   68 join
  Miniature Pinschers of Virginia
(Miniature Pinscher )
Min Pins of Va UNITE!
My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet. ~Edith... [more] Virginia, United States  48 join
  IMPS Min Pins
(Miniature Pinscher)
Mins Pins from IMPS
Min pins adopted through IMPS   37 join
  NYC Min Pins
(Miniature Pinscher)
VIVA la revolucion MIN PIN!
a place for city dwelling miniature pinshcers to swap advice, meet... [more] Nyc, New York, United States  33 Invite Only
  Santa Clara County Miniature Pinscher Meetup
(Miniature Pinscher )
King of Toys!
For lovers, fans, parents, admirers, devotees, and slaves of Miniature Pinschers... [more] San Jose, California, United States  32 join
  Min Pins Rule the WorLd
(Miniature Pinscher )
Min Pin Bowling hehe
a place for mini pins to play Phoenix, Arizona, United States  32 join
(Miniature Pinscher )
Doberman Pinschers
Min-Pin Stories Kentucky, United States  32 join
  Min Pins Rule!!!!!
(Miniature Pinscher)
go Min Pins!!!!!
cool and cute min pins and min pin mixes!!!! Steamboat Island, Washington, United States  31 join
  Colorado Miniature Pinchers
(Miniature Pinscher )
Colorado Min Pins ROCK!
King & Queen of Toys Colorado, Colorado, United States  27 join
  Missouri Min Pins
(Miniature Pinscher)
"Show me?". . . nah, I already found it
Welcome! Missouri, United States  27 join
  Min Pin's Of The World
(Miniature Pinscher )
We are spazzy here.
Welcome, All dogs welcome! Old, Young, Scruffy, Slim and just plain... [more] Austin, United States  26 join
  MinPin Club
(Miniature Pinscher)
MiniPin Club
Join The Club   26 join
  New Jersey Miniature Pinscher Society
(Miniature Pinscher )
NJ MinPins Rule!!!
For MinPins and MinPin Mixes in NJ- Organize playdates, discuss health... [more] Princeton, New Jersey, United States  25 join
  ~Mini Pins Paradise~
(Miniature Pinscher)
Bark. Woof. Love.
A place where Min Pins can just kick back and relax,... [more]   24 Invite Only
  The Pinscher Club
(Miniature Pinscher )
for Lola
Its were pinschers get together and meet other pinschers   21 join
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