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  Maltese Group
(Maltese )
For the Love of The Maltese Breed!
For People who love the Maltese Breed.   564 join
  Life of a Spoiled Maltese
(Maltese )
Bark together, spoiled together!
A spoiled Maltese is a giving Maltese. Fair Lawn, New Jersey, United States  185 join
GOT A MALTESE? THEN COME RIGHT ON IN. New York, United States  155 join
(Maltese )
Maltese and Poodles welcome!!!!
Welcome to the Maltipoo group where fellow maltipoo friends can message... [more] Stockton, California, United States  116 join
  The one and only MALTESE GROUP!!!
(Maltese )
cool stuff
People who have a maltese dog or loves them join now!!!... [more] Garden Grove, California, United States  96 join
  Precious Maltese Puppies
(Maltese )
There the Best
If you love your Maltese join here Texas, United States  80 join
  Maltese Mommy & Me
(Maltese )
Maltese Meetup
Maltese & Their Mommy's Ny, United States  67 join
  Maltese Dogs In The Southeast
(Maltese )
'Southeast Maltese Dogs
Maltese Dogs Throughout Tbe Southeast United States  63 join
  maltese's rule the world!!
(Maltese )
i love my maltese
if u love your maltese to death and spoil him or... [more] South Plainfield, New Jersey, United States  61 Invite Only
  Texan Maltese
(Maltese )
Everything's bigger & better in TEXAS!
Horses, Cowboys, Cattle and... Maltese?!?! San Antonio/austin Area, Texas, United States  59 join
  Maltese, Shih Tzus and Malt Tzus ROCK
(Maltese )
Join our group for FUN FUN FUN!!!
A group specially for Malteses, SHih TZus and Malt-Tzus!! Perth, Australia  58 join
  Maltese and shihtzus B.F.F
Fun, Fun and more Fun!
Maltese and Shihtzus Rule come an join my group!   56 join
  The Fabulous Maltese Fashion Group
" Maltese...we have style "
A fashion group for maltese!   52 join
  Maltese & Mommies
(Maltese )
maltese are the best
maltese   42 join
  Maltese Furbabies of NY
Maltese Fur Babies Rule !! You don't have to live in... [more] Nyc, New York, United States  33 Invite Only
  maltese mania
(Maltese )
puppy power
for maltese maniacs   30 join
(Maltese )
Everyone welcome
anyone with dogs Thomaston, Georgia, United States  26 join
  Cute Crew
(Maltese )
We may be little, but you still fear us
Cute little dogs Rockhampton, Australia  26 join
  Pinoy Maltese Lovers
(Maltese )
We Pinoys also love Maltese! Woof!
For Pinoys who own and love the Maltese breed. Manila, Philippines  22 Invite Only
  Maltese and Maltese Mix
All about our furry friends!
Maltese and any Maltese Mix is welcome to join this group!... [more]   20 Invite Only
  Chicago Maltese Meetups!
where furbabies meet :)
a forum for discussion about the maltese and other similar breeds... [more] Chicago, Illinois, United States  17 join
  Maltese Fun!
Come on and join the fun!
Welcome to Maltese Fun! The one and only group for all... [more] California, United States  17 join
"Small and Spunky"
"Us Maltese have to take a stand, just joking, have FUN"!!!!!... [more] Gonzales, Louisiana, United States  17 join
  Morkie Ville
Maltese-Yorkshire=Morkie Ville
Mix Maltese with Yorkshire Terrier and count to three - You... [more] K-w Region, Ontario, Canada  15 join
  ashley tisdale's dog fans
(Maltese )
my mom is an actress
my mom is ashley tisdale California, California, United Kingdom  15 join
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