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(Labrador Retriever)
Where any Lab would enjoy
A place where Labs can chill out, meet new friends and... [more]   1636 join
  !!!! Labs !!!!
(Labrador Retriever )
Come on labs, come on and join!
If you are a lab of any sort, then come on... [more] United States  1048 join
  All About Labs
(Labrador Retriever)
Where Lab Lovers come together!
"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives... [more]   519 join
  Chocolate Love
(Labrador Retriever)
Nothing's Sweeter Than Chocolate!
Welcome to the all Chocolate Lab group. A place where a... [more] United States  455 Invite Only
(Labrador Retriever)
Labs and Lab mixes
***MAGICALLY LAB-LICIOUS!!***   357 join
  Black Lab Lounge
(Labrador Retriever )
Black Labs
A place for black labs to lounge. Kansas City/shawnee Mission Do, Kansas, United States  286 join
  Labradors' PlayHouse
(Labrador Retriever )
Where Labs are just eating and playing
Labs will play and sniff each other here. United States  256 join
  Chocolate Labs
(Labrador Retriever )
Chocolate united!
A place for Chocolate Labs and their owners to meet Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada  253 join
  Amazing Yellow Labs!!!
(Labrador Retriever )
Every color lab needs its own group!
A place for all yellow labs Illinois, United States  215 join
  *****Loving Labs*****
(Labrador Retriever)
For Labs and only Labs!! United States  213 join
  !!!!CA Pups @ CA!!!!
(Labrador Retriever)
All Cali pups
All dogs that live in Cali join us Chico, California, United States  142 join
  Just Labradors
(Labrador Retriever )
Labrador Retriever Enthusiasts
A Dogster group for members of United States  137 join
  labrador retriever's place
(Labrador Retriever )
all labs's come and join
a fun place where lab's gather Odessa, Texas, United States  132 join
  Black Lab Lovers!
(Labrador Retriever)
It's all about the Blackies!
Black Labs Rule! Minnetonka/state, Minnesota, United States  130 Invite Only
  Barkin' Hot Labs!
(Labrador Retriever )
Aren't all Labs Fab?
Bark!There is no finer group of dogs! Lancaster, South Carolina, United States  114 join
  Labrador Retrievers Fun House and Friends
(Labrador Retriever)
Fun and Loving
Labrador Retriever Rule! Pennsylvania, United States  112 join
  Kiss a black lab today
(Labrador Retriever )
Labs make the world complete
This group is for black lab owners   109 join
  ***Labradors Only***
(Labrador Retriever )
Labradors of the world
All lab owners are welcome Maitland,nsw  104 join
  Loving Labs
(Labrador Retriever )
We loooooovvvvveeee labs
Anyone who loves labs is welcome to join Westminster, California, United States  104 join
  We Love Our Labs!
(Labrador Retriever )
Labs Rock!
This is a fun group dedicated to Labs!   97 join
  Phil. Luv-Labradors
(Labrador Retriever )
~~ all pinoy labs here ~~
~Labrador Retrievers in the Philippines~ Manila, Philippines  97 join
  Lab Lab Labrador!
(Labrador Retriever )
A little place for LABS to hang out
"Dogs that love noodles are automaticly part lab" -Rielly Kinnelon, New Jersey, United States  91 join
  ~!Black Labs!~
(Labrador Retriever)
'Cause black Labs are special!
Got black Labs? Mississippi, United States  84 join
  *********Labby's Are The Best*********
(Labrador Retriever )
Labs and lab lovers unite together!
A group just for all the all the Labs out there!... [more]   82 join
  TPLO Surgery/Torn ACL
(Labrador Retriever )
Recover tips-trade ideas/thoughts/suppor
Owners who have been through a long Surgery Recovery with their... [more] Virginia, United States  79 join
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