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(Italian Greyhound )
IG's are the best!
For lovers and owners of italian greyhounds or IG mixes Scottsdale, Arizona, United States  367 join
(Italian Greyhound)
Got Iggy?
♥If you love an IGGY you are in the right place!♥... [more] St. Louis, Missouri, United States  282 join
  Calling all Speed Demons!
(Italian Greyhound )
Come run with us!
Uniting owners locally & around the world Mesa, Arizona, United States  91 join
  All Iggys!
(Italian Greyhound )
A fun group about Italian greyhounds
A group to talk about funnystuff, training problems, and more for... [more]   72 join
  Dazzling Iggies!!
(Italian Greyhound)
Energetic and Loving
Welcome cute puppies! Have fun!!! Gurnee, Illinois, United States  31 join
  ~~~Iggy Lovers Place~~~
(Italian Greyhound)
Got Iggy?
A Fun Place To Showcase Our Iggy Babies! St. Louis, Missouri, United States  29 join
  ~*~ Italian Greyhound Lovers Club ~*~
(Italian Greyhound)
Got Iggy?
If You Love An IGGY You Belong Here St. Louis, Missouri, United States  26 join
  Floridian Iggies Unite!
(Italian Greyhound)
Italian Greyhounds' in Florida!
F.I.U! North Fort Myers, Florida, United States  20 join
  Italian Greyhound Club
(Italian Greyhound)
We love Italians
Italian worship United States  19 Invite Only
(Italian Greyhound)
A Little Iggy Goes a LONG WAY!
A safe place for Italian Greyhound owners to laugh, share and... [more] Gulf Gate East, Sarasota, Fl, Florida, United States  19 join
  NashVegas IG's
(Italian Greyhound )
A place for IG's to go and give their parents a... [more] Nashville, Tennessee, United States  18 join
  Italian Greyhound Lovers
(Italian Greyhound)
For Italian Greyhound lovers everywhere!
The Iggy lovers' group! Texas, United States  17 join
  dog pound
(Italian Greyhound )
bow wow
dog lovers Pillville, Kentucky, United States  16 join
  Jacksonville Fl Italian Greyhoundsl
(Italian Greyhound)
JAX Iggys
Italian Greyhounds Jacksonville, Florida, United States  14 join
  ~*~Italian Greyhound Lovers ~*~
(Italian Greyhound)
For The Love Of The Iggys
Welcome! Lets swap pics, play games, exchange stories about our Iggys... [more] St. Louis, Missouri, United States  14 join
(Italian Greyhound )
italian sogys and portugeese dogys come!
we are sexy Italia, Ontario, Canada  12 join
  Italian Greyhounds United Riverview/Valrico/Brandon, FL
(Italian Greyhound)
Iggys understanding Iggys!
Founder Riverview/valrico, Florida, United States  9 join
  Italian Greyhound Club of Maryland
(Italian Greyhound )
Iggies Rule!
Italian Greyhound playdates and meetups Maryland, United States  9 Invite Only
(Italian Greyhound)
only iggys plz!
hello fellow iggies, welcome to your home:) My Garden, Georgia, United States  8 join
  Italian Greyhounds Unite!
(Italian Greyhound )
Italian Greyhound
Any and all Italian Greyhounds are welcome! Houston, Texas, United States  7 Invite Only
(Italian Greyhound)
Iggy Planet
A group for members of Iggy Planet   4 join

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