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  Happy Havanese
Hang out with Havanese Lovers!
A group for guardians/fans of the Havanese breed! Frederick, Maryland, United States  226 join
  Havanese Haven
For all Havenese!
Are you a Havenese? Then what are you waiting for?!? Join!!... [more]   119 join
  ~Havanese Hideout~
Leave, you non- Havanese!!!
Fur all you Havaneses who wanna hideout and have some fun!... [more]   90 join
  Havanese Town
The Funnest Breed in Town
Welcome to the little town within Dogster that is all about... [more] United States  8 join
  The Ginger Army NUMBER 2
We will battle as one Ginger
Gingers of Dogster... UNITE Hawaii, United States  6 join
  havaneese are the best(besides havaneese mixes!)
the cutest in the world
best dogs ever Apple Valley, Minnesota, United States  4 join
  Love my Havanese
Havanese & their Guardians
Welcome to Love my Havanese Summerland, British Columbia, Canada  2 join

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