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  Great Danes Unite!!!
(Great Dane )
Are you loved by a Great Dane?
Are you loved by a dane? Welcome to the family!... [more]   752 join
  Great Danes Rock !!!!
(Great Dane )
Dane or Dane mixes Join together
All great Danes All the time Jacksonville, Florida, United States  258 join
  Great Dane Gathering
(Great Dane )
Fun gathering of Great Danes
Great Dane togethers Aurora, Colorado, United States  253 join
  Loving Great Danes
(Great Dane )
Great Danes only please!!!!
Calling All Great Danes!!!!!!!!!   153 join
  Great Danes Are The Best
(Great Dane )
The Best Of The Giants
For The Apollo Of Dogs Rapid City, South Dakota, United States  116 join
  Harlequin Danes
(Great Dane)
Black and white unite
No, I'm not a Dalmation!   94 join
  merle/ merlequin great danes
(Great Dane)
merles are maaarvalous
SIGH... if only we could make more!   87 join
  For the Love of Danes & other Large/Giant Breeds
(Great Dane)
Great Danes in the South
Welcome~ A place where Giant Breed Lovers can talk & give... [more] Alabama, United States  77 join
  Carolina Danes
(Great Dane )
Danes in the Carolinas
The group for Great Danes that reside in North Carolina and... [more] North Carolina, United States  72 join
  Great Dane's of the South!
(Great Dane )
Your in my spot!
I want to have play dates with big dogs like ME!... [more] The Woodlands, Tx, Texas, United States  72 join
  **Great Danes**
(Great Dane)
This is *your* group!! Lets Talk!
Great Danes and Great Dane mixes are welcome!! California, United States  62 join
  DFW Danes
(Great Dane)
A group for all of the fun-loving danes in the Dalls-Fort... [more] Fort Worth, Texas, United States  62 join
  Beautiful Blue Danes
(Great Dane )
Blue Great Danes
For the love of a Blue Dane   58 join
  Great Danes Rule !!
(Great Dane )
We are the greatest LAP DOG
Lets get see how many of us there really are !!!!... [more]   53 join
  ♥♥ Big Blue and Beautiful Danes only♥♥
(Great Dane)
The beauties of great danes!!!!
the three b's of great danes where blu great danes can... [more] P.r. California, California, United States  50 join
  Michigan Danes
(Great Dane)
Michigan Great Danes Unite!
A place for MI Danes Michigan, United States  49 Invite Only
  Buckeye Danes
(Great Dane)
Great Danes of Ohio
The Ohio Group of Gentle Giants Ohio, United States  49 join
  Lazy, Crazy Danes
(Great Dane)
Let the zoomies begin.......
Great "lazy, crazy" Danes of the world   48 join
  NY Danes
(Great Dane )
Great Danes in the Tri State Area New York City, New York, United States  46 join
  Zeus's boyz
(Great Dane )
From MD
Welcome all DANES Glenelg, Maryland, United States  39 join
  Great Danes in Oregon
(Great Dane )
Great Danes Of the Rainy State
Welcome all Great Danes of Oregon Cottage Grove, Oregon, United States  37 join
  Danes in the UK
(Great Dane )
Great Danes in Great Britain
Here's where Gentle Giants and their friends across the world... [more] United Kingdom  33 join
  For The Luv Of Great Danes
(Great Dane)
Welcome to For The Luv Of Great Danes Murchison, Texas, United States  30 join
  Great Dane Rescue
(Great Dane)
Great Dane rescue
This is a place for the angle's that rescue great danes... [more]   29 join
  Delmarva Great Dane Group
(Great Dane)
Who doesn't love a couch potato?
The REAL Big Dog.. Harrington, De!!, Delaware, United States  29 join
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