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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  Gorgeous Goldens
(Golden Retriever)
Gorgeous as can be!
Every golden is a gorgeous golden   522 join
  Goldens and Friends
(Golden Retriever)
Anyone can join!
This is for any dog on Dogster, especially Goldens!! United States  382 join
  ♥ Golden Angelz ♥
(Golden Retriever )
We are valuable as gold, actually more!
We are the united dogs of America! This group is not... [more] Portland, Oregon, United States  302 join
  Golden Graces
(Golden Retriever )
Owned by a Golden Retriever
For the Love of ALL things Golden Kenmore, Ontario, Canada  296 join
  Golden Retriever FunHouse
(Golden Retriever)
Golden Retrievers Rule
A Place for Golden Retrievers to have fun.   291 join
  Golden Puppies
(Golden Retriever)
Welcome all you Playful and Happy Golden Pup's.... Kelowna, B.c., British Columbia, Canada  231 Invite Only
  Golden Retriever Inc.
(Golden Retriever )
Why do goldens do that???
For the love of everything Goldens do! Crawfordville, Florida, United States  205 join
  Golden Retrievers of California
(Golden Retriever )
For Golden Retrievers all over CA
It IS the GOLDEN State, after all! :) California, United States  140 join
  ~~~~The Wonderful Goldens Retrievers Of The World~~~~
(Golden Retriever)
~~~Goldens Are Gorgeous~~~
Looking For Wonderful Goldens All Over The World Chesterfield, Missouri, United States  132 join
  Golden Retrievers!
(Golden Retriever )
Any Golden Retriever is accepted
All Goldens and only Goldens Oswego, Illinois, United States  127 join
  ♥I Love My Golden Retriever!!!♥
(Golden Retriever )
Love Your Golden? Share the Love here!
Love your Blonde bundle of joy? Join and share your stories... [more]   124 join
  Goldens Galore Club!
(Golden Retriever )
Golden Retrivers Allowed.
Goldens Galore! Full of Golden Retrivers!!   120 join
  Golden girls
(Golden Retriever )
golden girls
for all lady golden retrivers Land O Lakes, Florida, United States  116 join
  Pawsome Awesome Goldens
(Golden Retriever)
A group where us doggies can hang
Welcome   101 join
  All Those Golden Possibilities
(Golden Retriever )
Come and have fun!
We're crazy about golden retrievers!!   80 join
  Greatest Golden's
(Golden Retriever)
Were the Greatest Golden's
This group is for Golden Retriever's   62 join
  Virginia Goldens
(Golden Retriever)
Virginia is for Goldens!
Calling all Golden Retrievers of the Commonwealth State! Virginia, United States  59 join
  Doodle Planet
(Golden Retriever )
Doodle dogs can hang out here!
A great place for Doodles to hang out! Hollywood, Florida, United States  57 join
  Goldens For Life
(Golden Retriever )
Fun Fun Fun
All goldens out come join and we will have a golden... [more] Ontario, Canada  55 join
  Golden Retrievers Great Group
(Golden Retriever )
The best breed....Golden Retrievers
It's all about the wonderful breed of Golden Retrievers! Texas, United States  55 join
  Golden Retrievers of the Pacific Northwest
(Golden Retriever )
Just for Golden Retrievers
The Golden Gallery Washington, United States  52 join
  * With Love to Your Golden Beauty *
(Golden Retriever)
Goldens Are The Beauties Of Them All.
if you have love for your golden beauty join the group!... [more] United States  52 join
  Golden Farms
(Golden Retriever )
Golden Farms is a fun place where Goldens can mingle, play... [more] Crestview, Florida, United States  51 join
  Golden Golden Retrievers
(Golden Retriever )
This are the Golden years!
We are always loving to goldens and any other dogs! So,... [more] Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States  49 join
  Jersey Goldens
(Golden Retriever )
Goldens ONLY!!!
The beautiful Golden Retrievers of New Jersey North Bergen, New Jersey, United States  48 join
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