Links for Awesome Paws

Review links from your group.

1. Image
     This place you can designe cool nametags and more!

     Upload music, and put it on your dogs page!

3. Next Day Pets
     Are you looking for a dog. Go here and get a purebreed puppy from a breeder! Know animal shelters are good 2, but if you want a purbreed puppy good luck!

     A place to get a background for your dogs page.

     You can even get falling objects from this place!

6. Guestbook
     Want a guestbook for your dogs page. Come check it out!

7. My glitter
     a place were you can get pretty glitter for your dogs page!

8. Adoption center
     If you are looking for a dog, here is a adoption center you can visit

9. A sad death...
     Here is the story of Oreo's sad death.

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