Links for Welcome Waggin' for Dogsters and Catsters

Review links from your group.

1. How to speak Dogster link posted by Kitai
     great tips on how to understand Dogster shorthand

2. Do you want falling objects on your page?
     Falling objects you can put on your page by copying the code of the one you want and putting it in your extra bio field.

3. Dogster tips on sites to help you edit and decorate your photos
     Several sites to help you resize pics, edit pics and decorate your pictures.

4. Time Zones - See what time it is in other areas
     Time zones for different areas so you can see what time it is in a pup friend's city and see what time events are in your area.

5. Make a Slide Show for your Page!
     Make a slide show of numerous pictures to put on your page.

6. Hover Code Link
     For posting pictures within group Threads......

     Cool backgrounds and lots more!

8. - music site
     Log on here for pawties where a DJ plays music in the forums.

9. Dogster Group Spotlights
     A link to the group thread where different groups that may be of interest to pups is highlighted by Gibbon.

10. Dogster/Catster Navigation Tips
     A thread in the group forum where Georgie gives tips on how to use Dogster/Catster

11. Photobucket - picture hosting site
     A site that you can save your picture on. You can also put pictures there that you want to put on the right side of your page in your extra bio fields since there will be a html code.

12. Catster tips for updating your page
     Developed by our own Neferkitty, this is a wonderful site complete with tutorials on how to fix up your page. Some backgrounds and falling objects are included.

13. Light a candle for Miss Dback's recovery
     Light a candle for Miss Dback's recovery; she has renal failure and meowmy is very sad and worried...

14. Photo contest - tag photos WWfriends
     Tag a photo of you with a furfriend to enter the contest!! Unedited photos please! Deadline to enter September 30!

15. Catster Photo Stroll - Tag WWfriends

16. Fashion Designer...Mr.Thumper
     Pick up your outfits for event's requested here......

17. Welcome Waggin Card Shoppe
     Want to send someone a special card?..Any occasion..Woofday,Meowday,Holidays,Get Well.Etc....many to choose from and more added weekly......

18. Card Shoppe Pick up Zone
     a link to find your finished card....

19. Winter Holiday Ball Group Pictures
     Larger pictures of our Winter Holiday Ball

20. Santa Paws Picture pick-up
     Pick up your pictures here....scroll through and find your and save.....and enjoy.

21. Free cursors
     Free cursors to use for your page.

     Your admins want to know what you would like to see featured in our group

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