Links for Critters Care Through Prayer

Review links from your group.

1. Group: "Light A Candle"
     If you would like a candle lit go here:

2. Group: "A" Team
     This group makes wings for pups who have gone to the bridge!

3. Group: Blankets for Babies

4. Group: "Card Shower Gang"

5. Light A Candle Poetry Page
     For Bridge poetry

6. Light A Candle Church

7. (critter cartoon t-shirts, bags and such)
     Store and blog for critter cartoon things...staring the work of the papa of one of our admins., TinkerBelle!

8. God's Yellow Pages
     A quick reference to help on all sorts of things from the Bible!

9. Imeem Music
     To listen to music you must be signed up with imeem.

10. Personal Birthdate Bible Verse
     Put in your birthdate and this site will give you your own personal Bible verse .

11. A Day in the Life of a Rescuer
     Article about puppy mill dog rescue

12. Video to share with families whose animals went to the bridge
     a good video to share with families who have lost their pets

13. The Scripture Tree
     A click-on tree with favorite Bible verses...very nice!

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