Links for The Dogster Force

Review links from your group.

1. Small Paws Rescue
     Read about their most recent covert auction operation: Read about the auctions and testimonials:

2. AWA Watchdog
     British Columbia organization.

3. Humane Society of the US-- Stop Puppy Mills
     Big organization that goes in to suspect places, armed with lawyers, to help shut them down. You can make a donation through the site. HSUS is a great organization, but they need ordinary people like us to tip them off!

4. Puppy Mill Rescue
     Rescue organization

5. Canis Major
     How to stop a puppy mill.

6. Prisoners of Greed
     Good information.

7. Helping Animals: What You Can Do
     Some suggestions.

8. Puppy Mill Auction
     Personal account. I get upset when I read these things.

9. Puppy Mill Rescue
     More accounts.

10. Adopt a pet: Pets 911
     Find a dog in your area to foster or adopt!

11. Columbus Dog Connection
     More very sad accounts.

12. No Puppy Mills Forum
     Forum for educating and taking action.


14. Hearts United for Animals
     "National no-kill animal shelter, sanctuary, and animal welfare organ"

15. DogPak Rescue
     A great collection of links: information on puppy mills, what's going on right now, legal information, links to USDA (arm of the govt responsible for closing mills).

     A host of petitions calling for everything from maximum sentencing of abusers to legal change. I signed this one (link below) a few weeks back--- it's a petition calling for the AKC to stop registering pups bred in mills:

17. Online News (video) Segment on Mills
     Robin just sent this to me.

18. **Last Chance for Animals**
     The organization behind the HBO doc. I just signed up to volunteer. It looks like a great org. They've shut down several big operations.

19. Email Jim the Puppy Mill/Pet Store Warrior! See message entitled: FANTASTIC PROJECT UNDERWAY. Email Jim your information about the openings and closings of local pet stores. Please include the name and address. Thanks!

20. Questions to Ask a Dog Breeder
     Before you buy, investigate!

21. Adopt a pet:
     Find dogs that are needing a loving adoptive family!

22. Adopt a pet: 1-800-Save A Pet
     Similar to Dog and cat adoption, pure and mixed breeds. Find humane society, shelters, SPCA. Support for Katrina as well.

23. Starting a Nonprofit Organization

24. Article: "Pet Stores Violating State Laws"

25. Animal Protection Institute
     Activist site with fantastic resources on current and pending state and federal legislation relating to consumer pets, as well as other animal protection issues.

26. State-by-State Pet Shop Laws

27. Article: "Current State of Pet Shop Laws"
     Excerpt: While some legal protections exist, these laws are not sufficiently specific to provide meaningful protection to pet shop animals. For starters, the average person probably looks to federal law for a framework mandating the fundamental care of pet store animals here in the U.S. However, that assurance is misplaced as federal protection for these animals is almost nonexistent.

28. Article: Class B Dog and Cat Dealers"
     Humane Society article about the horrors of the so-called "Class B" dealers.

29. Action: Send an Email to Congress to Shut Down Class B Dealers
     Very easy to fill out and send through this link online. Sponsored by the great (and relatively powerful) HSUS.

30. Directory of Genetic Disorders, By Breed
     Click on your breed to see what congenital disorders may arise out of negligent breeding.

31. Article: Brokers
     Read about the Hunte Corporation, a big part of the problem. Brokers buy up mill pups and sell them to pet stores. This company has recently received grants from our federal government and receives support from the Missouri state gov't.

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