Links for T-town Doggies

Review links from your group.

1. Animal Aid of Tulsa
     A great rescue group here in Tulsa that rescues sick or injured animals and finds them a forever home. Also, listen to the Animal Aid Pet Care Show on KRMG (AM 740) on Saturday Mornings at 8am.

2. Sloppy Dog Wash
     The ONLY self-service dog wash in Tulsa! It is located on Peoria a little south of 41st street (on the west side of Peoria in a little strip mall). A really nice facility and much easier than the bath tub at home!

3. Tulsa Dog Training Club
     6307 S 107th East Ave Tulsa, OK 74133 (918) 250-9620 The best place to learn and train!

4. Tulsa Animal Shelter
     Another place to adopt!

5. Tulsa Bark Park
     This is a wonderful place for well behaved T-town doggies to go and play with others. It is a great place to run off energy. (But don't forget you have to walk your dog too to build a close bond between the both of you!)

6. Tulsa Humane Society

7. Animal Rescue Foundation

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