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1. human food that dogs should not eat
     this is a list of foods that dogs should definately stay away from!

2. cute dog clothes
     this site features the hottest fashions 4 dogs right now! this stuff is adorable! woooooooooof

3. recalled dog food list
     this is a list of all the recalled dog food. make sure that you are not poisoning your dog!

4. dog tricks
     there are lots of fun and easy tricks 4 ur doggie to learn and there are steps on how to get your dog to learn them! awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. dog training
     this website features easy training methods and ways of training different breeds. it features house training, training for seperation anxiety, training to walk on a leash well and many other things! lets hope your pooch learns how to become the perfect dog!!!!!!!!!!!!woooooooooooof

6. yummy recipes for yummy doggie treats
     this site features easy recipes that you can make for your doggie. there are recipes for steak and honey, apple fritters, oatmeal globs, liver treats and popsicles! can u say yummy!

7. pet weight calculator
     this website calculates how much food your dog should be eating to keep a healthy weight and lifestyle.

8. all about your dog's breed
     this website is great! you pick a breed and it tells you how big it will grow up to be and what it's traits and personality are like.

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