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1. Kaley corgi's online site....for the love of all dogs
     kaley corgi and her mum has a site for all Come and read news of dog interest, fun and galore...and a special Dear Kaley section...come read what dogs have asked Kaley, and ask your own ?

2. Flickr....Corgis of the World Unite (photos galore)... come add yours
     Lots of corgis, corgis, corgis....from all over the world....kaley corgi ran out of room for all her pics, even with dogster plus.....soooo she created a group on flickr for corgis....and yes, there are lots of kaley corgi pics......and look hard, you find a few from our club corgi on dogster.....come join.....

3. Just for Fun...kaley corgi and family
     kaley corgi and family, her mum and dad...and the parrots..many of them and just about all the cool pics mum takes, just cuz she is a digi cam obsessed person....hehehe

4. Fun corgi group
     just another fun corgi group...add pics and meet more corgi humans etc etc.......

5. Pembroke Corgis of America
     this link is a must for all the pembroke corgis of america.... now it is here for you all as a quick link.....

6. Youtube videos....Club Corgi.....come add yours
     club corgis everywhere, but this time in motion...come and check out just how we move, how we bark, how we play....or relax. come and smile, laugh and share your latest corgi vids here....and make your corgi a true movie star... kaley corgi kisses : )

7. Golden Gate Corgis...Calif
     a must have link for what is going on with corgis who live in the san francisco bay area....check out what is happening and where....find breeders in this area.....

8. Belly bands....for dogs who can not hold their pee long hours
     here is a product i never knew existed and i am sure there are a few pups who can use a product like this....for pups who can not hold their pee and wet the house due to being kept home alone or for older pups who are no longer able to hold for very many hours at all....

9. Corgi Rescue.....MI
     corgi rescue in MI

10. Nail clipping
     how to clip a pup's nails

11. Wheelchairs
     wheel chairs for dogs

12. How to introduce a dog to pre existing dog household
     what can one do to introduce a dog into a household with an existing dog in it already...this link provides careful planning as how to do it successfully.

13. Toxic human food 4 dogs
     Human foods that are toxic to dogs, and the symptoms.

14. Toxic plants for dogs
     plants that are toxic to dogs

15. Recipes
     An ongoing forum to share tasty recipes for dogs, cakes, biscuits, main meals.....just about anything edible for us pups. Come and share your fave recipe.

16. Corgiaid
     CorgiAid is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to supporting independent rescue of Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh corgis and corgi mixes of either breed worldwide. We provide funds for extraordinary expenses involved in rescue. These expenses could be such things as major medical expenses to provide quality of life for rescued animals, transportation expenses to move a rescued corgi long distances to a new home, and other similar expenses.

17. Animal Poison Control Center (APCC)
     hot line number....(888) 426 4435

18. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelity to Animals (ASPCA)

19. P.E.T.S. (Peterson Express Transport Service)
     an emergency transport service that services the southeast/new england area...transportating animals from animal shelters to their new homes.. (not a door to door service, so contact them regarding what they can offer specifically)

20. Arizona Corgi Rescue
     rescue corgis throughout Arizona, United States

21. Corgi Minnesota
     any corgis (pems or cardis) in the Twin City and Greater Minn area, wanna hook up, corgi style for walks, meeting at the park....etc???

22. cool corgi group
     another cool corgi group where corgis and humans can hang out together

23. dog food analysis
     what food is good for your pup--read what they say!

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