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1. SYRACUSE :: Wegmans Good Dog Park
     Allowed to exercise without leashes in an area devoted just to pets, dogs are 'barking up a storm' about this 40,000 sq. ft. fenced-in area includes an exercise area with tunnels, jumps and bridges, and of course - red fire hydrants. There is plenty of seating on the commemorative benches located both inside and outside of the fence, drinking water and several waste clean-up stations. A double gated dog entrance keeps dogs inside the enclosure from running out each time another dog enters. Small dogs have the choice of mixing with the big dogs or can play in a separate area for dogs under 25 lbs.

2. CANASTOTA :: Wanders Rest Humane Association
     Wanderers' Rest Humane Association is an open admission shelter dedicated to providing the highest quality care and compassion for the animals entrusted to us while leading our community in creating a more humane society.

3. Lost and Found Pet Database of CNY
     Lost and Found Database of Central NY doesn't seem to be too busy but folks are using it so keep it handy just in case you find someone's furry friend, or sadly you lose yours.

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