Links for Spoiled Pugs & Pups (SPP)

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1. Mia Pia's closet-SP Members Only!!!! My dahling daughter, Lola Maria and her sister Mia Pia and their mommy Nuria have a wonderful offer, exclusively for Spoiled Pugs active members!

2. Mr Bubble Head at BernieWorld
     If you love pugs then you will love this website! Mr Bubblehead (MBH) creates Spoiled Pugs backgrounds, and videos and photos on occassion as well!

3. Light a Candle
     Do you know of a sick puppy, or one that has passed over to rainbow Bridge? Then why not start a candle vigil in honor of them!


5. CSS Scrollbar Color Changer
     Hi..I found this super site where you can change your scrollbar colors with ease...You can use their preset ones or design your own... I use two with doggie page and the other with scrollbar change..that way I can adjust colors before putting in bio field... This save so much time 'cause ya don't have to keep going back to html color chart to change what ya don't like... Woo hoo enjoy

6. Color Changes for Top Button Bar
     Thanks (PJ and others from Pawesome Pages) for making so many colors to choose from... Updated link for button bar changes Remember to put in style sheet format..start with < style >and end with < /style > remove the spaces after < and before > Have fun...

7. Stewart's Kitchen
     a place where Stewart makes homemade treats!

8. Create a Link
     A cool place where you can add a page link in the forums..Also you can add pictures to use in rosettes and Bio fields..

9. Add your pictures to forums
     Here you can add your own pictures and put them in the forums..woohoo...such fun..

10. BARKETTE CHEERLEADERS.....join us here!



13. Vet Bill Assistance.....Financial Aid Fund

14. Critterbling Online Store for Pug Specialties
     This is Vala V's mom's dress shop for all your pug apparrel

15. House of Pawz Painted Pet Portraits
     Custom painted pet portraits from the HoP Canvas/acrylic

16. SP Paw Paw High Society Hat Club Show Hat Contest Slideshow
     See all the pretty show hats from the contest.

17. SP's Fun Trivia
     Come play trivia with us!

18. Bingo
     We will be playing Cupid Bingo in the Love Nest Room.

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