Links for ♥ Saving Animals' Lives ♥

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1. Light a Candle for Griffen.

2. Sign to help Blankets for Babies!

3. Leave your dogs inside!

4. Pasco County Animal Services

5. The Fab. Conway Sister's Shelter!
     Visit the fab conway sister's shelter today! It's a NO KILL too!

6. Trixie's Animal Shelter!
     Visit Trixie's local animal shelter today!

7. Petitions-Animal Welfare
     TONS of animal welfare petitions all in one spot! Sign today!

8. The Animal Resue Site
     Fund food for animals for FREE!

9. Vet-To-Be Pours Bleach on Dog! ~Sign Petiton Today~

10. Dasie Mae's Local Shelter!
     It's a NO-KILL! Awesome,huh?

11. Another one of Dasie Mae's Local Shelters!

12. Sandee's Dogster Page. Help you out: Donate!
     Sandee is trying to raise $500 to some animal charites! Please help her out! Even if you only have $1.00! Remember, if can acaully help! It might come out to $49 and that $1 might push it up to $50!

13. Missing Gizmo in Hazel Park, MI!
     Please help us find Gizmo! She ran away, and got out in Hazel Park, MI.

14. Click everyday to help save pets in need!

15. Puppy Mill Petition!
     Please sign this petition to ban puppy mills! And send it to one person you know!

16. English Springer Rescue America (ESRA)
     Referred by: Maggie (368999) on Mon. Feb. 25

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