Links for Poodleville University

Review links from your group.

1. Pudelz Gift Shop- sells poodle items

2. AKC Poodle Page

3. Poodle Club - health problems

4. Dog Friendly Travel

5. Petexpectations - sells Lupine collars & pet tags

6. Pet Food Direct - they sell every dog food
     If you can't find the dog food you want in the store, this place probably has it online.

7. Poodle Club of America Newsletter
     Here is an online newsletter from the Poodle Club of America covering many topics of interest to poodles.

8. Animal Rescue site - click to give free food to animals

9. Poisonous Plants
     List of plants that are poisonous to dogs.

10. Arpeggio Poodles lots of poodle information
     This website has a lot of poodle information including health information.

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