Links for Canine Divas

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1. Pugs

2. The Talking Pug

3. ASPCA Poision Control

4. Linden Line Designs

5. Pug Snuggly
     Pug Fashion Coats

6. Pet Collars & More
     Canine Fashions

7. Dog Stories and More
     Music and stories to entertain your canine

8. Fido Rido
     Canine Car Seats

9. Full Petential
     Healthy Canine and Feline Treats

10. Heidi & Company
     Pet Apparel.

11. Mia Pia's Closet
     Fashions for your dog.

12. Shannon Gross
     Animal Communicator

13. The Gray Parrot Glass Memorials
     Inspirational jewelrly

14. Abbey O'Hagan
     Read about Abbey the Pug

15. Dogins
     Beautiful suncatchers at reasonable prices

16. Old Mother Hubbard
     All natural Wellness brand dog food, human quality

17. Thankful Paws
     Beautiful all-breed fleece dog coats, Donation-Dog vests, Blind/Deaf bandanas and jackets

18. Raaacartoons
     Pug Cartoons

19. Canine Cancer Awareness
     Gives an overview of each different type of cancer, symptoms, treatments, alternative treatment, etc.

20. Petfinder

     American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

22. The Animal Rescue Site - feed the homeless
     You can click everyday to help feed the homeless.

23. Best Friends ~ pug video

24. Howl 911 Petfood Recall List - Detailed
     this is a detailed list of the foods and treats being recalled...the most up-to-date as of today, 04/03/07

25. Midwest Pug Rescue
     Midwest Pug Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to pugs in their area. Please visit their site and help as you can.

26. Military Mascots

27. Pug Lovers Rescue
     Pug Lovers Rescue in South Carolina

28. Belfield Article regarding pet food preparation

29. Grow Old With Dogs

30. Mini Knits
     tailor made sweaters for dogs

31. True Blue Pets
     Sell doggy shampoos, teeth cleaning pads, ear cleaner, collars, leashes, beds, etc. WONDERFUL site!!!

32. Pug Villiage
     for pug families

33. Dogs in Danger
     Dogs who are in imminent danger of euthanasia are posted on this website for possible last minute rescue/adoption.

34. Willow's Boutique
     Willow's Boutique: Fancy dog collars and leashes almost as beautiful as the dogs wearing them! Softskills Consulting, Inc. P.O. Box 52 Grantham, PA 17027 717-458-5404

35. Critter Bling
     Beautiful doggy jewelry and clothes from our very on Princess Vala V!!

36. Midwest Pug Rescue

37. From Stewart's Kitchen

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