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1. ♥Light A Candle For Any Pup and Kitty!♥
     If you know a pup or kitty who's crossed the Bridge, who's sick, or just needs a little prayer, please feel free to light a candle for them on this site.

2. PDPC's Administrators Photo Stroll!

     This is a list of all of our Birthday threads and links to each thread. Please post your birthday in these threads. We'll use the birthdays for our month-long birthday parties! ANY QUESTIONS? Ask any admin!!

4. TIME ZONES (used for our pawties, events, etc)
     Everyone seems to have trouble understanding Time Zones, which are needed for parties. Just keep this link handy and you won't have a problem! ANY QUESTIONS? PMAIL DAISY MAE!

5. PDPC's School of Graphics!
     Learn how to make edited photos and animations! Easily and FREE!!

6. PDPC Royal Magazine
     Check out all the PDPC News

7. PROUD PDPC Member stroll! -Tag: PROUDPDPCer

8. Check out the Royal Member of the Day!
     Each day Bailey picks and posts a new RMOTD! Congratulate them here!!

9. PDPC's Question of the Day by admin Teddy

10. PDPC Featured Prince Or Princess Of The Week Sign Up Thread
     Sign up to be our featured member of the week.

11. Rainbow Garden.. In Loving Memory of our Angel Friends!

12. The Best Lil Doghouse In Dogster

13. Shih Tzus and Friends United

14. Fancypants Cafe

15. Miss Dixie Monroe's Dixieland

16. ~~~*Dog Park USA*~~~
     Dog Park Group

17. The Canine Lounge
     Welcome All Canines

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