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     See the world of pugs!

     A great place to shop for some ultra-comfy custom collars, harnesses, and bling bling for Puggies!

3. Gretchen and Arnie's page
     A site with movies, pictures, and cool stuff about a couple of our UK puggies, Arnie and Gretchen!

     Pugsavers is a pug rescue group from California. Thanks Piggie for recommending we add this link!

     DFW Pug Rescue is a pug rescue group for the areas in and surrounding Dallas-Ft. Worth. Pugoween is a one of their big fundraisers each year, with hundreds of pugs in costume for the cause.

6. Everybody Loves Riley Dot Com
     Riley the Pug, his life, his adventures, his loves, and his wardrobe!!

7. Our Odie ~ The Talking Pug
     Our very own Odie says...I Love You : )

8. Dog Birthdays and Parties!!!
     A great page with information and things to buy for any kind of dog party you can think of!! Also has recipes for dog cakes and a lot of other stuff!!!

9. Burts Cause or not?

10. Jennys Dog Naming Service
     A place where you pay a human to come up with a name for a dog!!

     A forum and meetup location for all those who have been pugged!

     Iggy and Bella give an illustrated and humorous perspective on the unique pug-ness of being.

13. Pet Education
     A great resource for all kinds of important questions about your pet.

14. MeiMei and Miko's Blog
     The life and times of two little Canadian puggies.

15. House of Marley pug fashions
     Beautiful hand made fashions tailored specifically for PUGS!!

16. Seattle Pug Rescue
     Seattle pug rescue organization and organizers of the annual "Pug Gala" which brings 1,000+ pugs together every year to raise money to pay for medical treatment of rescue pugs in Washington.

17. Pasado Safe Haven
     Pasado's Safe Haven is one of the premiere animal rescue organizations in the United States dedicated to 24-hour rescue and rehabilitation of dogs, cats, and farm animals. Pasado's Safe Haven has waged numerous prosecutions against animal abusers, winning major convictions. Pasado's Safe Haven offers rewards, through the media, to seek out and prosecute those who have committed heinous acts of animal cruelty.

18. Pug Dog Encephalitis
     Pug Dog Encephalitis, or PDE, is a fatal disease that is as yet untreatable. Veterinary Neurologists at Texas A&M University and across the country are studying this disease in hopes of discovering a cure. Symptoms include circling, pressing the head against objects, vomiting, and others. Please google Pug Dog Encephalitis for more resources, and see your veterinary neurologist immediately if your dog exhibits these symptoms.

19. Epilepsy and Seizures
     The Canine Epi Angels web site provides resources, recipes to help keep puggy blood sugar high at bedtime, and other information on seizures and canine hypothyroidism.

20. Ear Infections in Pugs
     Dear Pugsters: Our pugs are VERY susceptible to ear infections. Elvis and Boris’ mom Mindy made this video to help show what a bad ear infection looks like in a pug. You can see that an ear infection can be very painful and if your pug holds his head like Elvis is holding his head, or shakes it and scratches his or her ear often, it’d definitely time to take them to the vet. You can help prevent ear infections by cleaning your puggy’s ears every few days with Dermapet solution from your vet. Thanks Mindy for this very helpful video!

     A great way to help Pasado Safe Haven (Pasados) or any charity you wish. Let's make some money for the animals!!!!

22. Meeko's Pug Pawlor Shop
     A cool place for clothes and must-have doggy and kitty gear!

23. ETSY: The Dog Coat Lady
     Funky Dog Apparel We here at Delia's House of Canine Couture say "Poo Poo" to those who think that dressing your dog is silly! What fashion-forward fido, Pug Princess, or Doggie Diva would step "Paw" outside without something FA-BU to wear? Quel FAUX "PAW"! These unique fashions are pug and chihuahua approved, and have been through rigorous quality and comfort tests to ensure canine satisfaction.

24. LindenLine Designs
     You all know and we all love Skippy, here is her gramma's website and collars, snoods, and leashes, so check them out, they are wonderful!

25. Elvis and Boris Mom's
     Barks and purrz has some really cute stuff for doggies and hoomans alike! We have got our googley eyes on the polka dot dress.....

     Valuable information on hazardous/poisonous things for dogs, including household toxins, poisonous indoor and outdoor plants, bulbs, and more. Bookmark and SAVE!!

27. Kentuckiana Pug Rescue Needs Help!! Check out this wonderful rescue group that Molly Grace and her family help with! Kentuckiana Pug Rescue is a non-profit rescue organization committed to helping all Pugs in need in the US states of Indiana and Kentucky. We work to find both abandoned, as well as surrendered Pugs, loving, forever homes in which they can live out the rest of their lives. URGENT MESSAGE! KPR is facing a potentially heartbreaking situation right now, and your help is desperately needed! It is a VERY real possibility that in a matter of days, we will be forced to STOP ACCEPTING PUGS into the rescue, because we have simply run out of foster homes! Every KPR foster spot we know of is already occupied by a rescued pug awaiting adoption. As I write this, there are senior pugs in need of love and medical attention, just waiting to be saved from a shelter, but KPR has no place for them to go. Complicating this sad situation is the fact that some of these seniors are bonded pairs that need to stay together in their golden years. These older pugs deserve a chance to live out their lives in loving homes -- but that chance is about to slip away! And what about the other pugs, regardless of age and health, that will need our help tomorrow? Tomorrow may not come for them -- unless help arrives soon! YOU CAN HELP! If you are already a KPR approved foster home, PLEASE consider taking in just one more precious pug until a forever home can be found! If you have adopted from KPR but never fostered, open your heart and your home to one or more seniors -- give them the same chance that your own beloved KPR pug received! If your home is already bursting at the seams with needy pugs, please urge your most reliable, compassionate, dog-loving friends and family members to get involved and come to the rescue -- literally! PLEASE ACT NOW, for pugs' sake!!!

     Elvis the Pug has his own Web site for cool doggy clothes and prezzies! Woof on over and check it out!

29. Pet Portraits by Howie's Mom
     Pet portraits and artwork by Howard and Winnie's mom, who gave up making toast years ago and decided to try painting instead.

30. Heidi and Company
     Heidi & Company was started in 2003 by Rebecca Cruz of Anchorage, Alaska. Inspired by the effects of the long arctic winters on her pugs, Heidi, Foggie and Chopper, we decided to create something unique and stylish to keep them warm. We have a great time creating new styles of clothing for all breeds and sizes of dogs.

31. Bochi designs
     Wheezer and Gus's mom and grandmom have a website with wonderful items for puggies to wear, and there's even wonderful items for mommy's and for dad's to get mommy's!!! Check it out!!!

32. Pvt. Pickles and Peaches' Café Press store
     Fun items featuring our own Pvt. Pickles and Peaches!! Wonderful photos by their talented mom!

33. Mia Pia Closet
     Here is a link to our webpage featuring very nice items for purchase and a percentage of all of our profit goes to the Orlando Pug Rescue and Adoption!

34. Pug Notes
     This is a wonderful site, filled with wonderful creations by Melissa, who has the Pug as her muse. The creations are amazing and whimiscal.

35. Monster and Bella's Mommy's pet photography
     Environmental dog/pet photography capturing the spirit and personality of your best friend.

     Here is some very helpful info regarding anesthesia and your pet. It does not cover specifically anesthesia in pugs, so always talk to your vet about a pug or brachycephelic breeds special needs. STAY SAFE!!

     Here is some great info to help you choose a high quality dog food for your furbabies, and info about dog food ingredients. Bon appetite!!

     For us to visit each day to donate food to needy shelters and doggies/kitties!

39. Mr. Bubble Head's super fun website
     Check out fun facts, wonderful artwork, and cool products of our own Mr. Bubble Head. Wonderful artwork created by his mommy!!

40. RECIPES!!!!
     Recipes for our Puggies and Non Puggies

41. Nature Tees
     Go to and click on the holiday banner and enter the code at check out - you get $10 off your order of $50 or more.

42. Pet Graphics
     There are some very cute pug items available on this site, check it out and enjoy the Pugginess!!!

43. The BEST pug coats and accessories - Pug Snuggly by Yogi!!
     These coats are made just for our puggy bodies and fit fantastic! Check out Yogi's fashions! Yogi's doghouse is -

44. Cool Pug greeting cards!!!
     Great site that has wonderful pug cards for every occasion. They will even put your pug on a card for you! WOOF!

45. The Grilla Pug Club
     A club for the boys'...pugs and non pugs...all welcome!

46. FLOP September Birthdays
     The FLOP Happy Birthday Place!!!

47. Yummy cookies made by Stewart!! "Stewarts Kitchen"

48. Ashby Photo Gift
     Photo engraved charms and other photo gifts.

49. Pug Lovers Rescue

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