Links for Purebred German Shepherd Dogs of America

Review links from your group.

1. Assertive k-9 Training Kennels
     Mom has a Job working as a trainer and as an instructor at their group training class. Assertive k-9 Training offers Boarding, Training, Private Lessons, Protection Lessons, Dog Titling, Puppies for Sale, and much more. Please check it out!

2. Thinschmidt German Shepherds
     This may be the new site for Assertive k-9 Training Kennels.

3. WDA: Working Dog Association
     Mom is a member of the WDA. It is a very good site to visit, and learn new things from.

4. What is schutzhund?
     A great site that explains Schutzhund in detail.

5. OurHouse German Shepherds
     This site is hosted by our own ShadowValleys Baron of OurHous and his sister ShadowValley Nora B of OurHous. Its a wonderful site, and the Shepherds there are absolutely gorgeous!

6. Dogster: German Shepherd Homepage
     Dogster's home page for GSDs!

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