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1. Requiem For A Chow Chow : Fare Thee Well, Noble Stimpy
     This is my tribute to my fluffy pal. He was with me from October 1992 until the end of August 2005-- a long road together. The photos capture him at his best, having fun outdoors. The music is by Celtic Fiddle virtuoso Bonnie Rideout.

     Provided by Wisconsin Chow Chow Rescue, this site helps you locate chows in YOUR STATE who need your help. Lots of Chow information and pictures of rescued chows.

3. Rainbow Bridge by unknown author
     Here is a nice page from a great (totally un-chow-related) site which has The Rainbow Bridge story. When Stimpy went to the bridge, I adopted Fudgy the cattle-dog and was reading about that breed when I found this nice story.

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