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1. The Poop
     The site where a dog can have it's day!

2. Smelly Poop
     Send Pictures of DOG POOP to your friends or enemies 100% FREE! Or click on the "Toilet Bowl Poops" folder below to send them a really disgusting poopy greeting card! UPLOAD YOUR OWN POOP PHOTO!!!

3. Strange Foreign Objects in Dog Feces
     COMING SOON! Strange Foreign Objects in Dog Feces - THE BOOK! Due to overwhelming popular demand, the world will be graced by yet another tasteless book you can give to your friends

4. It's a Dog Eat Poop World?
     Unfortunately, sometimes it is a dog eat poop world. Dogs have been known to eat poop -- dog poop, cat poop, rabbit poop, deer poop, frozen poop, whatever. It's disgusting, there's no doubt about that, but why do they do it and what can be done about it?

5. Poop Eating
     Coprophragia or coprophilia is the technical term for a normal but disgusting dog habit. It is probably much more common that most people are willing to admit! Most farm dogs eat cow or horse manure and almost every dog finds cat feces a delicacy. Much to their owner's horror, a surprising number of dogs eat their own poop.

6. Doctor Poo
     Doctor Poo investigates the condition of sidewalk and public dog poo.

7. The Scoop on Poop
     This is the original Scoop on Poop. There are several unauthorized, plagiarized versions out there that do not give credit to this page's author, and which are incomplete. Do not be fooled by imitations!

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