Links for Spoiled Rotten JRT's

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1. Buddy and Jenna's Wedding Day
     Also getting married: Goofball Mavredes the First to Sadie Pearl and Snuggles to Trixiemae!!! All are invited to attend. The more the merrier: 2/14/07 at 8:00 Eastern Time

2. Rescued Puppies with Great Rescue Stories
     A place to go to hear heartwarming stories of rescue!

3. Continuous Prayer Chain for all Animals in Need
     A place to go to join in a prayer or ask for a prayer!

4. We have a Celebrity on Dogster -- check out his fan club
     This is the cutest sweetest little doggy we know other than Lil Sassy and Bubbles and others....hee hee, he's been on GMA, in People Magazine....

5. Memorial Stroll
     Please put in the tag line for your photo that will be added to the stroll: NoMorePainJustLoveForMaximus and you will join the legion of animals that have already begun the stroll. Thank you and God Be With You All. Love Jenna and Donna

6. Jack's in the City Group
     This seems to be a new group there are only 8 members and I think it would be awfully nice if some of us join in this group and show that JRTs rule! and are the nicest breed around...rofbol!

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