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1. Pampered Paws Boutique
     Hey Everydoggy! This is the site that features my pal, Duke!

2. The California Chi!
     Hey Everydoggy! This is the store of our very own Tama! Here is how it is advertised, "Handmade, knit or sewn,dog clothes, beds, blankets, toys, homemade biscuits, and goods. Custom made dog clothes in sizes XXXS to XL and custom made hand knit sweaters in sizes XXXS to L." Check it out! There are some great looking models at California Chi too!

3. SugarNSpice Chihuahua's
     Mom and I noticed a lot of you had "ties" to this particular breeder. (At least, we hope we found the right one! If not, please let us know and we'll fix our link!) Anyway, we thought we'd post this in case anyone is looking to add another chi to their family!

4. Chi-wa-wa-Ga-ga "A Small Store for Dinky Dogs"
     This is the site recommened by Caitlyn and first mentioned in our "Clothing" posts on the message board.

5. - Pet Page
     Here is the link to's Pet Page. If this link becomes outdated, you can always just go to and search "Pets" and it brings you up to all their pet merchandise, which is nicely broken down into categories and links.

6. G. W. Little (Clothing & Accessories)
     I was asked a couple of times by Dogsters if I was the model on this site. Sorry - no I am not. They did have some cool things though, so Shopping Chi's - check it out!

7. Washington State Chihuahua Group
     This is the chi group that our Rosa is the Administrator of. Rosa posted this on our message board: "...I wanted to invite any of the chihuahua's and chihuahau mix's who live in washington state to come check out our new group...We are very new and are hoping to get a chance to all meet up in person on of these days in the near future or whenever its convient for everypup and parent!"

8. Calling All Z's!
     This is the group that ZoEy is an Admin. of. It is advertised as: "It's all about the ZZZZZZZZZZZs! If your name has a Z in it, or two Zs or even more, jump into the Z party!"

9. Lone Star Dogs
     This is ZoEy and Baby P's Group for Texas Dogs. It is advertised as: "Texas Doggies, Unite! Any dogs or pups that live in Texas can join!"

10. My Tiny
     This is the site that our very own, TaMolly, is associated with!

11. Big Chihuahua's Rule
     This is the group which our pup pals Joey and Brutus are administrators of.

12. Light A Candle
     A place to light a candle in remembrance of another.

13. Project Playlist
     This is the music site that Charlie found and shared with us.

14. Operation Kindness
     This is the organization our friend, Duke, is involved with. Please check it out and consider donating to help!

15. Mini-Knits
     This is the site where memeber, Minnie, is the star model!

16. Lost & Found (Dogsters and Catsters Unite to Help Find Missing Pets!)
     Lost & Found - Dogsters & Catsters Unite To Help Find Missing Pets Here! Lost & found pets - Miracles may happen! A Centralized Location To Post Info On Lost or Found Pets

17. Light a Candle - Dogster Group
     light a candle.... bark and we will light a candle or pray! for good happenings or sad happenings....we will make a candlepage to honor the event!!! or go to visit our church...pray, light a candle on the altar or just sit in silence!!

18. Dog Transport Volunteers
     Dog Transport Volunteers is a group for animal lovers who want to help pull from shelters, overnight/temp foster animals and help with transports or rescue functions.

19. Truck-N-Paws
     A Transport List for animals in need, especially ex-puppy mill dogs needing to get to their forever homes.

20. Duke's Snuggle Sacks
     Duke's mom makes Snuggle Sacks. All the money she gets from them she puts in a special savings account - in case of an animal emergency. Check them out! (Samples - and Say Chi's members! - can be seen half way down the page!)

21. From Stewart's Kitchen
     When You Invite A Dog Into Your Home They Immediately Become Part Of The Family. It's Amazing How Much Love We All Have For Our Dogs. I Started Making Treats For My Little Guy Because I Wanted To Make Sure That He Was Getting Something Healthy, Safe & Yummy. Turns Out, All Of His Doggy Friends Love Them As Much As He Does & That's How ~From Stewart's Kitchen~ Got Started. They're Paw Lickin' Good!

22. All About Comfort Collars
     This is the site created by members Sparky, Tucker, Molly and Katie's Mom. (Whose pups are her inspiration!) The site advertises: "These collars are NOT designed to be used with a leash. They are designed to be a fashion accessory and a place to attach an ID tag and/or Charm. All my collars are made of 100% cotton fabric or a decorative ribbon sewn to a cotton/poly backing. They are machine wash and dryable." Check it out!

23. Chihuahua Connection
     On-line site for the Chihuahua Connection Magazine.

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