Links for **Big Mouth Pets!**

Review links from your group.

1. The Animal Rescue Site
     Click the purple button every day to feed an animal in a shelter!

2. The Daily Kitten
     A new cute kitten picture is posted here every day!

3. Garfield
     The lasanga-loving cartoon cat's official website.

4. Cute Overload
     You can find lots of really cute pictures here!

5. GlitterMaker
     We made our glittery Meow! and Woof! here. It's a great place to get your name in glitter, even without Plus- you upload their glitters as one of your pictures.

6. Cat of the Day
     A new cat is shown each day here.

7. Dog of the Day
     And who could forget the canines? Dog of the Day is like Cat of the Day, except it features different doggies.

8. CatFancy
     There is lots of good kitty info here.

9. GlitterYourWay
     You can make glitter names here. No need to have Plus to use them... you can upload it as a picture! We made the glitter Arf and Purr here.

10. Petster
     You can make yourself a pet page here.

11. Puppywar
     This site presents you with dueling puppy photos and has you pick the cutest one.

12. Kittenwar
     This is the feline version of the above link!

13. The Adventures of Marley McButters
     This is a cool blog about unique dogs.

14. Dog Blog TV
     The hilarious real-life adventures of 2 Yorkies!

15. Dogster Dog Blog
     This blog is 100% about dogs. It's a must-read for any dog lover and is updated several times every day.

16. DogFancy
     You guessed it... More dog info!

17. Dog Each Day

18. Puppy Break
     Have a puppy break!

19. Unusual Names
     This is a great site for cool names if you have a new dog or cat.

20. The Infinite Cat Project
     Cats watching cats watching cats...

21. The Blogging Cat
     The blog of Prince Muddy Paws! It includes links to more cat blogs.

22. For New Members...
     This is our thread post for new members to the group welcoming them.

23. Mutts
     My people love this comic.

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