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1. Group Prayer Thread and Candle Link

2. Birthday and Gotcha Day Thread

3. Boxer Songs by Ipse Heather

4. How to speak Dogster and More
     abbreviations, dog breads, other things you can do on Dogster.

5. Poetry Corner
     Poetry Corner is a thread for poems to share words printed on paper to show we care they can be originals or copied & quoted as long as the author is duly noted.

6. Wiggle Butt Lounge

7. Tips and Tricks to Share by Layla Ali

8. Wiggle Inn and Spa
     A Boxer Resort like no other.....

9. BI "Wall of Fame"
     Winners of contests, Dog of the Day, Diary of the Day....etc.

10. Check here to see what time it is by you
     Not everyone is on "dogster time" Here you can see the time difference

11. The Boxers International Members Badges & or Seals
     Be proud of your membership here at Boxers International show others who you are & what we're all about here in B.I.

12. Recipes For Pups
     This is a thread that any pup can add or obtain nutritious and tested recipes.

13. Strolls and Contests
     Here is where you can see all the strolls and contests we have done!! Feel free to add pictures to any stroll!!

14. BI Ghouls and Goblins Photo Stroll

15. Pets Foster and Assistance Program
     This program helps pets through disasters and military pets that need foster care.

16. The United Pug Foundation (U.P.F.)
     Where Pugs, Smooshed noses unite! Welcome to the UPF Mansion Resort For pugs and smooshed noses come make wishes and get them granted.Come join us in Club Paradise Lounge as well for a drink of your choice.A place where you can kick back & relax or have tons of fun,dance,eat or drink!

17. Understand-A-Bull
     This site has a lot of information on BSL, Breed Specific Legislation. It's not just for Pit Bulls. It also tells which bans are in place in different parts of the country. It gives information on how to fight BSL, and explains a lot how BSL works.

18. Stola E News
     Top 10 list of should not feeds according to the ASPCA

19. Welcome New Members
     A Big Boxers International Welcome

20. Luxury K-9's!
     Where K-9's R Like Chips, You Can't Have Just One!

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