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1. Toy poodle
     It gives us some good info..... i love it please try it.

2. Poodle day
     This a event, but i could not put it on the event thing. LOL i am like what i want to go

3. Adopt Now
     If you look how much black poodles are in there. It is sad, some of them looks likes Romeo. I would be sad if one ones Romeo. Please Adopt..... I will soon...... I'm getting a Toy Poodle of course (but,not yet)

4. PCA
     We are poodlein it up. I love it, awesome i love poodle's and yes i saw the toy poodle.

5. Do you want to dress up a toy poodle??
     This is so funny and so cute, it is where you can dress up a toy poodle. I have tried it, and liked it.

6. Do you want to be a bredder? Come on and breed a toy poodle!!!
     Nice, and so cute!!!!! All i do is the toy poodle over and over again

7. Girl toy poodle
     FUNNY!! a girl toy poodle

8. Poodle are turning into other Animals
     WOW!!! I have not seen anything like this..... that is all i have to say :)

9. Another Dog dress up
     they are not going to stay long. But here are some other dress ups

10. Lovley PETS
     LAST ONE!!!! Please dress up these lovely poodles

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