Links for Draft Dogs

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1. South Bend Draft Dogs on Facebook
     A group for Draft and carting dogs. Training your dog to work, by pulling Carts, Wagons, Travois, Sleds, or just dead drags. This is not a pro page, we do not offer titles, we do offer a good fun time, out exploring with your dog and their cart.

2. Michigan Draft Dogs on Facebook
     This is a group dedicated to dogs in draft sports. Draft dog sports may include, but are not limited to: carting, scootering, dogpowered scooter, bike-joring, cani-cross, dry land mushing, dog sledding, recreational kick sledding with dog(s), sulky driving, ground driving and weight pull. The group members participate in training sessions, draft tests, races, educational events, parades and festivals. Currently the group members reside in but are not limited to the Grand Traverse area of lower NW Michigan.

3. Kicksled plans
     This page contains plans and photographic details of my kicksled construction project. The purpose of this design is to get yourself out on the ice within a day or so of deciding to build the sled. The construction is straight-forward, and strong enough to carry an adult, several kids, or a load

4. My kicksled
     I'm playing this game called real life, and i just finished a new mission, I built a Kicksled. I would like to share these pictures with you. Join me in playing Real Life, its alot of fun!

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