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1. Foster Parents For Pets
     Following a few of the years that I have been involved with rescue and highlighting some of the permanent residents in my little ole' home.

2. Bytown Association For Rescued Kanines
     Ottawa based dog rescue run entirely by volunteers, Bark has a no-kill policy and ALL dogs are placed in foster homes and assessed, treated for illness or injury and rehabilitated before being release for adoption. A one of a kind organization!

3. Dog Legislation Council of Canada
     The Dog Legislation Council of Canada (DLCC), formed in 2003, and counting among its members experienced and ethical dog enthusiasts nationwide. The DLCC is Canada's first and unique collaborative effort of rescue volunteers, owners, veterinarians, dog trainers, breeders and handlers to promote responsible dog ownership of all dogs.

4. Banned Aid Coalition
     Breed Specific Legislation is running rampant across the world, discriminating against responsible dog owners and good dogs. We must unite and put an end to this injustice once and for all. There have been enough innocent lives lost!

5. Advocates For the Underdog
     Advocates for the Underdog is an Ontario based coalition of groups founded by Natalie Kemeny and Tammy Williams. AFTU promotes responsible dog ownership and the peaceful and safe co-existence of pets and the public.

6. Canadian Dog Rescue Listings
     While the internet is full of information about dog rescue groups in the United States, information about dog rescue groups in Canada seems to be very hard to come by. The little information that is available is scattered all over the Web, making it difficult to find. This site is an attempt to create a centralized directory of dog rescue groups all over Canada to make it easier for all of you out there who are looking for your own four-legged friend.

7. No Puppy Mills Canada
     o Puppy Mills Canada site is presented by a group of volunteers trying to stop pet overpopulation in Canada. Each year millions of companion animals are destroyed through euthanasia due to the greed of commercial puppy mills and the ignorance of Back Yard Breeders. New laws, public awareness & compassion will end the suffering of the voiceless. Please help us. The goal of No Puppy Mills Canada is to inform the general public about Puppy Mills and what are generally termed as "Backyard Breeders".

8. Fauna Foundation
     Welcome to the Fauna Foundation. We are a non-profit organization that works to protect and promote Quebec's native flora and fauna. We also provide shelter and a better life for many different species that have been neglected, abused or rejected by the humans who use them. Help us help them, and make our world a better place.

9. Adopt-A-Chimp
     Welcome to Adopt-a-Chimp, our "adoption" program for the Fauna Foundation's chimpanzee sanctuary. Retired from laboratory research in 1997, the chimps who call our sanctuary home have been given the chance to live and relax in peace. No longer confined to tiny cages or subjected to invasive experiments, the chimps now delight in the simple pleasures of life: sunshine and fresh air on their faces, room to play and rest, plenty of special treats to eat, and new things to discover. As you explore this Web site you'll learn about the chimps, view images of the sanctuary and discover how rewarding and affordable "adopting" can be. Since the chimps will spend the remainder of their lives at our sanctuary, purchasing an adoption package or making a donation is a wonderful way you can give back to these special individuals who have given so much to all of us. +

10. Cat Rescue Network (Ottawa, Ontario)
     The Cat Rescue Network was established in 1999 in order to bring together, in an informal partnership, animal welfare organizations and committed individuals to address gaps in the delivery of animal welfare services for homeless cats. The CRN's primary goals are to: Negotiate economies of scale with respect to veterinary fees, animal food and other cat related goods and services; Share resources such as foster homes, websites, volunteers, expertise and funding ; Support and communicate with each other in areas of common interest such as animal welfare legislation and program delivery such as feral cat Trap, Neuter, Release (TRN) programs; Provide infrastructure and funding to smaller scale rescuers.

11. Westminster Pet Sanctuary
     WE ARE NOW A REGISTERED CHARITY. You will be able to deduct your kind donations from your taxes. We will provide a tax receipt for donations over $10.00. We are a dedicated, hard working registered charity doing this out of nothing more than pure love of our furry friends. All of our members and volunteers are unpaid, so 100% of every dollar donated goes towards the critters care. We do this because all critters big and small deserve to know what love is and we do not mind showing them! Unlike some other shelters, our critters are not kept in cages. In order to better socialize them, they live as members of out families. By the time you adopt them, they will have had lots of contact with not only people, but other cats dogs, and various other creatures!. We are a 100% no kill Sanctuary for reasons other than if the animal is in unimaginable pain that they can never recover from. We have never euthanised an animal due to space limitations, money, illness, or age. If the animals do not find a home, they stay with us.

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