Links for Bullies For Pawsitive Prevention

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1. Take Action To End Dogfighting
     10 things to watch out for and recognize a fighting ring from the outside activity.

2. Pitbull Galaxy

3. Dog Fighting Fact Sheet - The Humane Society

4. Dogfighting Fact Sheet
     The HSUS's Animal Cruelty and Fighting campaign protects animals from neglect and all forms of violent animal abuse, including dogfighting, cockfighting, and hog-dog fighting.

5. Bad Rap Rescue
     Bad Rap Rescue - Vick Dogs Now Available

6. - Where The Heros Are The Pits

7. Dog Water Requirements Daily

8. Sign up Site for Families Against Breed Bans

     STOP BSL. DOG FIGHTING, ABUSE AND NEGLECT AND PUPPY MILLS - ASPCA's online community with expert chats, groups, forums, videos, and photos.

10. Michael Vick: What Now? Blog - Dogster

11. Doggie Manic - For the Discriminating Dog

12. ASPCA's Fight Animal Cruelty Page

13. Pet



16. Save The Pitbulls, Sign The Petition!

17. Oregon Humane Society

     How Hot Is Too Hot To Take Your Dog?

19. Dogs Deserve Better Don't They? - No Dog Chains!

20. LA/SPCA Animal Cruelty & Prevention Page.

21. Stop Animal Neglect - Animal Protection Coalition

22. Xtreme K-9 Supplies
     Hard Rubber Toys, Service Dog Supplies, Etc.

23. WoofReport
     We sniff out the top dog blogs, websites, newsletters, magazines and pet stores to bring you and your fur family the best of the best.

24. Portland & Oregon Dog Parks - pdxdog™.com
     Shout Out about your favorite dog park(s), the location and why you love going with your dog. Share your discoveries with us!

25. Baileys Halo Blog

26. Maria Daines MySpace page, with her streamed Staffie songs.

27. PetFinders - Pits for Rescue

28. New NCABSL Site

29. Pit Bulls Online Community

30. American Pit Bull Terrier Network Confirmation

31. warning - Illinois, Indiana, and lower States, please read.
     Elderly ladies posing as caring dog owners, to drag pits into fighting ring... please read and learn what to watch out for!

32. Animal Liberation Front
     Free Spay and Neuter Listed By State

33. Love A Pit Placement Program
     Pit bull education, placement, and adoptions. Pit Bull videos and more!

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