Links for ~♥The Playful Puppy Carnival♥~

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1. Puppies rule!
     Hello! All Puppies and Dogs of any age are welcome here!! Please join in the fun and games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All puppies and Dogs are welcome here!!! Thank you everyone... and PAW- lease join!

2. Doglovers
     Only dogs and pups aloud in this group!! This is sortof a dating group to help you find that lucky girl or guy of your doggy dreams!!!!!

3. Puppy Playtime
     A place where pups can hang out and have tons and tons of pawsome fun

4. Mix Breed Mushy
     for owners and pups who love mixed breed pups

5. Pets against animal cruelty
     Animals trying to help other animals

6. C and D Cruise Line
     Welcome aboard the SS DUTCHESS

7. Dog Park USA
     ♥~~*Where Doggie's and Kitty's Bring Their Human's To Play*~~♥

8. Yur Match Mate in Heaven
     Single? No more. Also this is where I (Muddy) met my future Husband Brutus.

9. Princess Divas and Prince Charmings
     This is for us spoiled dogs that get whatever we want when we want it. We consider ourselves Royalty!

10. Miss Dixie Monroes Dixie Land

11. Dog o Tron
     The bestest game on dogster!

12. MiniClip
     A fun game site that will keep you entertained for hours!

13. Saving Bruce
     help save bruce a dog who is dying because of his breed!

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