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1. PawPalaceOnline
     This is a wonderful dog boutique, they have treats, toys and mostly anything you want for your pampered pooch. Shop at Pawpalace if you have a pampered pooch, you want to pamper.

     Young Williams is, this animal shelter needs your help. They put down alot of dogs and there a high-kill animal shelter. If you would, please adopt a pet from The adoptions for dogs there ranges from $50-$175 dollars. They have a holidal adoption special until I think December 1st. Please check out this website and adopt your next animal. Don't shop, ADOPT!

3. tells you about why you should spay your dog. This is a good website for you to make a choice. It is best to spay and neuter your dog. Don't shop, adopt!

4. will tell you why to spay your pet and what to expect when you spay your pet. Remember don't shop, ADOPT!

     This rescue is located in Los Angeles, this is a wonderful rescue and I hope you will adopt a dog from BillFoundation.

     This is a good wesbite that will tell you why not to breed your dog. Remember Don't shop, ADOPT!

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