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1. light a candle.
     light a candle.... we will light a candle or pray for you! a loving prayergroup with a petchurch,we create candlepages for those in need.

2. big breed international.
     BIG BREED INTERNATIONAL. we are big,sweet and lovable . big dogs,small hearts!we are against BSL and BREED RASISM!

3. Critters Care Through Prayer.
     P-Praise R-Remember A-Ask Y-Yield Praying for the needs and concerns of all furred and furless Dogsters and Catsters

4. The Power of a Purr and Prayer.
     The Power of a Purr This Group is for Anypurr to send Purrs , Hugs, Good wishes, for Any Purr Needing a Purr , Prayer, hug or just a friend to talk to

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