Links for Puppy Pals (Big and Small)

Review links from your group.

1. Petfinder

2. Petco

3. Dogs 101

4. Dog Parks USA

5. DogToys

6. QUIZ: Which Celebrity Is Your Dog?

7. Mar Vista Animal Medical Center
     This site has a wonderful online library for help with many of you vet questions.

8. Dogs Deserve Better
     To further the awareness of the plight of chained dogs.

9. Black Pearl Dogs

10. The Whole Dog Journal
     A magazine offering an alternative to conventional veterinarian medicine by treating the whole dog, not the just the symptom.

11. How To Dremel Your Dog's Nails

12. House Pet Magazine, online canine health magazine

13. Iams Cruelty - Please Don't Buy Their Products

14. Shirley's Wellness Cafe

15. The Pet Center - Health Information

16. Liver Shunt - Discussion and Treatment

17. Handicapped Pets

18. Barkday List
     Add your Barkday!

19. The Breed
     This is where we learn something about your breed. Tell us what breed you are and give one fact about your breed. This will help us get to know more about our pup pals.

20. Cesar Millan's official website

21. Mind Games For Your Dog!

22. Fun Pet Names and Their Meanings

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