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1. Pug Lovers Rescue
     We rescue and rehome Pugs, French and English Bulldogs, we are located in South Carolina but have foster homes all over the USA

2. Hover Link

3. Thank-Ful Paws
     Specializing In "Donation Dog" and "Adopt-Me Please" . Coats also deaf and blind or deaf or blind clothing , bandanas. vets etc.

4. HTT Group Light a Candle
     light a candle for a loved one here

5. Free Kibble
     Will you play Bow-Wow Trivia in 2009, to help us feed delicious, nutritious meals to hungry dogs?

6. The Animal Rescue Site
     Each click on the purple "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button at The Animal Rescue Site provides food and care for a rescued animal living in a shelter or sanctuary.

7. Create Link
     This code will work in bio fields and in gifts, rosettes and stars. It will NOT work in forums. Please visit here for that code

8. Add your Birthdays and special event here
     Add your Birthdays, gotta you days and special events here

9. Membership Photo Cards

10. Customized Frame Tutorial
     A great way to learn about customizing your personal pages!

11. PDPC's School of Graphics
     This group has threads that teach the use of GIMP and a GIF animation program. The programs are free to download.

     Group Mission HTT was created be a place to come and have fun. All members are encouraged to come play, chat with other pals and have a great time. Etiquette 1. The guidelines set forth by Dogster / Catster for the public forums and the site is also proper etiquette within HTT. A. Address any issues you have with the group or any of its members directly with the HTT administrators. B. Every group member has an equal right to privacy, inside and outside the group. Group Postings 1. Keep postings to the group mission. A. Examples of acceptable postings: a) playing in any of the games/forums B. Acceptable postings that we politely request replies be private pmail or in the corresponding group forum links below. To help others, please include both the Dogster a group forum links in your post. a) a fur has gone to Rainbow Bridge Lend A Paw To Furiends In Need b) Birthday announcements/new family member ♪♫ HTT Birthday Thread ♫♪ c) Food / treat / toy ... Internet warnings YNN C. Unacceptable postings: a) Vote For Me and other contests b) Asking for money c) A post that is considered advertising … merchandise, pets, etc d) A public invite to groups that are not open to both dogs and cats e) Anything that would be considered as SPAM (mass emails) on the Internet. 2. The group administration may from time to time approve a non-mission posting. A. Due to the nature of some topics, we need to check out the information and/or clear with HQ before making a decision. B. If HQ gives you approval to post, this approval is only for the public forums. Please contact a HTT administrator for permission to post. This not only helps protect group members for those not on the up and up, but also protects you if a group member gets upset that you placed the post. 3. Feel free to ask about any postings you are not sure adheres to the group guidelines by pmailing one of the administrators. Group Forum 1. Only HTT Administrators can open new threads. 2.. Sometimes furs just need to have fun. If you can think of something fun for us to do ... like a snowball fight, or cookout, by all means pmail one of the administrators with your idea and we will discuss it amongst ourselves and decide on the request. 3.. Vote For Me But must be approved by HTT Admins A. All are free to place your contest in this thread. Vote For Me a) Feel free to keep us up to date in this thread. b) Please place a post in this thread when the contest is over so it can be kept orderly. c) Please do not start a new thread about a contest. 5. The group forum will be cleaned out from time to time of unrelated threads. It is important to keep our group threads for page decor on the 1st and 2nd pages of the forum. This helps others find the information they need faster.

13. Vet Bill Assistance- Financial Aid Sites
     Vet Bill Assistance- Financial Aid Sites for all info for dogs & ctas go to the forum thread your Buddy and Pal Roscoe

14. Photo Resize
     need to chaneg hte size of of a photo click on this link

15. Black Pug Pals
     Special thank you to HTT for all the great help in getting our new pages up and going. After you have some fun and play some games with our friends at HTT, make sure and stop by and check us out!! Join In The Fun With Us Black Pugs and Family Members Only Thanks Ashleygirl BPP ADMIN

16. Tuckers Way Rescue
     Pugs, Frebch & English Bulldogs mainly & their mixes, We also do bassets & others as space permits. No Large dogs or cats Foster homes only Saved for life

17. The Wild West
     The place to be an easier time. When their was no electricty

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